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Filming and Photography While Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by miikeboyle, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Ive noticed peoples videos and photos while riding, and am just wondering the best methods for this. Do you use brackets to hold the camera to the petrol tanks? Lots of Duct Tape to the handle bars? or just ride with one had film with the other?

    Im just after different opinions and methods.


  2. - Helmet cam
    - Tank mount
    - Dash mount
    - Thrifty duct tape
    - Pillion filming
    - Over shoulder strap, using one hand to take film/video
    - Car following with dash mount cam
  3. tank mounts for camera's are the most used (i think).
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  5. I have one like this but home made :grin:
  6. do those bolts go into your head?? :shock:
  7. Don't order one from him though, you will lose all of your hair and your beard will go grey and you will still be awaiting delivery :p:p:p:p
  8. the whole hand held thing doesnt work too well, i was trying to film a herd of dairy cattle blocking the road on this goat track up around taree where i was one my trip north, all was good untill a cattle dog came running at me, and trying to simultanously put the camera back in the tank bag, pull the clutch in, apply the front brake and put my foot down while riding through 2 inches of cow shit didnt work ay, but luckily, daisy the freizians cow pats broke my fall.....
    good times

    cheers dom
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  10. Mind doing a review on that camra
    resolution?, clip lengh ect ect
    obvously sd mem

    cheapest way ive seen is to get a mp4 player and recorder (runs on sd mem card) that has a video input and hook up a spy camra or simmilar about 300 bucks all up

    Or u ca get a standalon mpeg4 video recorder(150$) plus a 2.5 inch laptop hardrive ($80) plus a camera to plug into the recorder ($50) plus a regulator for the recorder) but i would thin u would need to keep the unit in ur back pack as the vibrations will probaly affect/kill the hdd
  11. Have written about the camera here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33941

    Clip taken from the camera is in that thread, and at present, still hosted.
  12. My setup:

    JVC MiniDV Cam GR 650AA (720x576 @ 25fps)

    Launch Helmet Cam
    480 TV Lines

    The Hi Gain mic that cam with the camera ;)

    Double sided 3m picture tape :D

    The Quality on this is very good. Even at night ;)
    I use a firewire card to capture data from the camera to my pc.

    PS. I used a tank mount for my Grampians footage.. It vibrated badly! :(
    This way is more versitile and is so smooth ;)
  13. Thanks guys,

    Ive experimented with my still camera in video mode taped to the handlebars, but just had to press the button to start it every 2 mins.

    I like the bullet cam option dalemation.
    How much did it cost and where from?

  14. I'd love to set up a bike-cam before I undertake any decent trips, so will be following this with great interest.
  15. Cannot be in 2 places at once. Vic, yours is nearly finished, I just need a free (preferably rainy) day to finish it :p
  16. Bah, put it up for sale mate, i cant ride, i only crash :LOL: