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Film Australia, 1976: Motor Cycling

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Jul 23, 2013.

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  2. Ha the good old days when everyone had hair, nice reflection there.
  3. In the second video, front number plates look so dorky.
  4. The Z900's in the showroom reminded how scary looking those things were as a 15 year old riding an XL100 ag bike
  5. The second vid starts out at Tunks Park under the Northbridge Suspendion Bridge on the lower North Shore of Sydney.38 years ago thats exactly where I learned to ride.I managed 2 laps of the park on the grass but keeping off the cricket pitch on my brand new MT125 Honda before the rangers caught me.No fine but I didn't go back.
  6. Ah yes, good old Peter Wherrett.
    Yet another self appointed motoring expert who turned out to be a complete tosser. Pete turned out to be a habitual drunk driver and compulsive cross dresser.
    Feel free to do a google search..
  7. Front number plates can look cool-here is mine in the 70's-
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  8. Did that thing on your shoulder jump out of a tree ?
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  9. Good God man....just what are you wearing?
  10. I noticed the phantom in the picture before the seventies fashion body hair.
  11. Ha Blabbs,did you ever drink at The San Migwill pub in Sydney in the 80s.There used to be a bloke who rode a bevel and wear a sheepskin jacket back then.Only time I ever saw a Bevel do a mono through the gears.He was bloody good at it.
  12. Allegedly yes.