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Filling petrol tank

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I ran out of petrol recently and was 2.5km short of the petrol station I was aiming for. I could only get 12 litres of petrol into the tank which I'm told takes 13 litres. I was only filling it up with the bike on the side stand and was wondering whether the missing litre might have still been unusable in the bottom of the tank or perhaps I could have got a bit more in the tank had I filled it with the bike vertical. The bike is a '00 Honda vtr250.

    If you're immediately going to use a few litres, is there any harm in filling the tank beyond the suggested limit but without using the overflow vent?
  2. Not familiar with the VTR250, but does it have a 12 Litre Tank with a 1 Litre reserve?

    And for the comparative extra capacity of filling beyond the limit is it worth it? probably only 200mL's anyway...

    But no I don't think you'll do any harm by filling it especially if your going to ride it straight away.

    They give you a limit because fuel expands in the heat and that limit allows room for fuel expansion and fumes...
  3. did you switch it to reserve?
  4. I have a 99, and i can get most of another leitre if standing vertical, make sure bike is on reserve, the switch is a bit ambiguos. there is a hump that stands higher than the fill height which is unfillable i think.

    on a full tank with reasonable flogging i get about 250 til i get to scared and go to a servo!

    hope that helps
  5. Been away up the coast for Easter, sadly bikeless.
    Yes I did switch to the reserve and if memory serves me correctly I felt that I got a pretty good two litres out of it.

    Does the setting of the switch matter when filling it up?

    If I rode off having filled the tank to capacity then changed the switch to reserve, would I run out of gas after using the two litres and then be able to switch to the fuller section of the tank?

    Would the reserve continue to be empty or would it be continually filled from from the main tank?

    The more I think about it, the less I realise I know.
    Am I working my way towards bliss?

    Next time I'll try to stuff it full in the vertical position.
  6. The reserve isn't another tank as such, it is exactly the same tank as the main tank, but it has a fuel intake at a lower point.

    Imagine two straws in a glass of water, one right at the bottom of the glass (reserve Straw) and one 2 centimeters from the bottom (Main Straw). Now your using the main straw and then all of a sudden you can't get any more water but there is still water in the glass, so you swap to the Reserve Straw (at the bottom) and you can get another 2 centimeters of water until the glass is empty. Thats how the reserve Tank and main Tank works. :idea:

    So to answer your question, it wouldn't matter if you filled the tank whilst having the switch in the reserve position and the swapped it back to main, it's the same tank.
    edit: But as Crusingal Says Below: Make sure you put it back to main after filling up :wink:

    Hope that cleared it up a bit for you.

    And personally I wouldn't worry about filling the tank in an upright position, just time your fuel stops a little better. My thoughts anyway. :p
    Good Luck.
  7. If you do use reserve, make sure to switch it back when you have filled up so you don't run out completely.
  8. Continually filled - a bit like the Magic Pudding. Your tank works on the "cut and come again" principle.

    Actually, no. There are two standpipes that run up into your tank, and they're different lengths. The "main tank" setting just drains fuel until the level drops below the height of the taller standpipe. That's where the bike goes "cough, cough" and you switch to reserve. The reserve standpipe is shorter and the tank continues to drain until it falls below the lower standpipe, where the bike again goes "cough, cough" and you get off and start pushing.

    -------------------------------------Fuel level
       |  |Main
       |  |
    ---|  |-----|  |--------------------------Bottom of tank
       |  |     |  |Reserve
       |  +-----+  |
       +---+   +---+
           |   |
           |   |
  9. I consistently get 280 km before reserve.
  10. Thanks, guys - I'm wiser now.
    I'm averaging 22.n k/l but then it's mostly at 100+kph and I'm 100kg.
    Nice pic Chairman!!