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Filling in fairing cracks!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Driftintoad, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone. I got some fairings that have got cracks in them. Does anyone know how to repair them and what things you need to repair them?

  2. your best bet maybe something like a plastex repair kit


    available at most bike shops too!

    fairly easy to use, and reusable.
  3. some one suggested to me to melt down cable ties... am thinking of trying ti.
  4. Yeah that plastex stuff looks like it do the trick. Cheers
  5. I bought some plastex stuff. It's not easy to use and a rip off for what you get.

    I think all it is the two active components from a fibre glass kit. Without the fibre glass.

    Can someone confirm this?

    If it is you can get a fibreglass starter kit from Bunning for about $50 and get 5 times the amount of ingredients.
  6. dont bother because if your riding with netriders its a waste of time :D
  7. g-day thats what i was thinking because u can get them cheap colored ones did he explain how to go about it or u just wack them in a pot and paste it on
  8. he just said to melt them a bit then line them inside the cracks, press them together to ensure tight bondage. im not sure how you would melt them down tho/?
  9. in an old pit or soup can over the stove, same for melting lead..... if you've ever needed to do that.

    then just pour on.in to crack in fairing and hold til set... or use a clamp of some sort.
  10. The last owner of my GPx used melted cable ties.... it'll fix cracks, but you need to be careful, overruns, seepage and splashes etc are permament reminders of clumsiness :(

    They also tried to fix the broken "posts" that locate the panels into the rubber grommets (no relation to our gromit :wink: ) not so successful ...

  11. Melting cable ties using heat is one option, or alternatively you could try dissolving them in acetone until you get a thick paste-like consistency which should harden once the acetone evaporates off (mixture will also attack the fairing which'll make for a better bond but obviously you need to be careful not too use too much).
  12. bevel the edges with a file ... or if the part isnt compleately broken use a soldering iorn to melt a deep groove in it .... go to the wreckers and get yourself a cheap broken faring panel of some sort ... cut fine slithers and place in the beveled grove and use a butane tourch to melt the whole lot together ... use slithers liberaly to over fill .... let set then file / sand down ... body fill sand & paint
  13. I think a soldering iron would be the go for melting stuff. Makes it easy to apply too.
  14. If you don't mind ruining the end of you soldering iron :p. If you are going to go the heating method probably best to pick up something like this or this.
  15. that would do for melting the slithers into the beveled edges yes ......... however if you have an expencive soldering iorn .. you have 2 choises #! buy an extra tip for it to do the job or #2 get an $ 8.00 cheapie from the tool section of the warehouse to do it .... either way the procedure i described above is the best way of repairing faring panels and is almost the same as their repaired professionaly
  16. or put another way ......... $ 30.00 will buy you a butane tourch , soldering iorn and a crappy faring panel to work with .... and thats the best result you will get .... short of getting it done professionaly
  17. Cats is on the right track here. If you cant get the correct plastic filler rod. Use strips from a similar plastic from a wreck & soldering iron. File the end so it is more like a paddle. It is not the best way to do it, but can be sorta ok. I wouldnt use cable ties, it might well hold it together. But they are of a different plastic type & paint wont stick to that material.
    See how ya go
  18. Fairings are typically made from ABS Resin (also known as styrene), same sort of plastic usually used in the cases of domestic appliances. So if you've got something lying around that doesn't work you could sacrifice that rather than buy a spare fairing panel (also the same material used in plastic model kits).
  19. jd. I still recon it is safer to stay with similar fairing material. Bike shops usually have broken panells.
    Also you guys, take notice of what cats said, to finish it, use body filler.
    By the way, body filler is ,,NOT,, fiber glass or the resin used in fiber glass. They are two different products.
  20. I've used Plastex with good results. All I did was V out the crack with a dremel tool, pour in the plastic dust and drip on the liquid. The only thing I found was the liquid needs to be applied fairly carefully so that it doesn't wash out the dust.
    It worked fine for me, seems to be fairly strong. Stinks though, only use it in a WELL VENTILATED AREA.

    Stuart T