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Fill up before or after a ride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ajrider, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what you guys do when it comes to filling up. I like the idea of filling up after a ride, so I have a full tank of petrol ready for the next ride. (Less mucking around if there's a last minute decision to go, etc).

    But a mate suggested that I leave the tank near empty and fill up just before my rides instead. His reason was that fuel can go stale, and it's better to get a fresh batch of fuel than to use fuel that may be sitting in your bike idle should I go a couple of months without riding.

    I'm aware that fuel can go stale, but didn't think it was that quick. Just wondering what you guys prefer to do? Is it best to fill up just before a ride as opposed to at the end?
  2. I ride my bike to work and back during the week, as well as doing other errands around town, so when the weekend comes I've already done a few hundred k's on the tank. so I need to fill up before a ride, otherwise I'd run out.
  3. Doesn't matter if you fill up before or after, just get out more and there's no chance of the fuel going off.
    I always thought if the vehicle was going to sit for any length of time your better off to fill it up to the brim so there's less room for condensation to form in the empty space above the fuel in the tank?
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  4. I think brusa is on the money here. If you are really worried about the fuel going off, put some stabiliser in it. I wouldn't bother. The only fuel I have had go off is pre mixed two stroke that sat nearly empty for 12 months in a very hot garage. Never had any other issues.
  5. I always fill up before putting the bike away, if there is air in the tank when the bike cools any moisture in that air will condensate in the tank.

    petrol floats onto of water so any moisture will end up at the bottom of the tank and fuel is not taken from the bottom of the tank so it would take decades before enough water formed to cause you any problems... but moisture promotes rust.

    as for fuel going off IHO it must take decades because I have a tin of fuel under the house i use for the mower and edger and it is years old and still fine.
  6. The condensation point is on the money. But if you're parked in a garage it probably won't make a difference - it probably won't get down below dew point in there.

    The additives in the fuel can go "off" over a long period of time. Gums will form which can start clagging up the system. It still has calorific value though so something like a mower should be able to deal with it fine. Probably wouldn't run your Lambo on it though.
  7. You'd go months without riding? :whistle:
    Just make sure you go riding! Problem solved! ;)
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  8. End of a ride, the servo is 30 seconds from home and there is nothing worse than getting geared up for a ride and having to stop and take half of it off again for fuel 30 seconds after leaving home.
    Plus its great to know i can just jump on the bike anytime and it will be right to go
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  9. I try to start with as much fuel as possible. Just a weight off my mind.
  10. I keep my tank full when the bike's parked up. Same reasoning as others have stated (don't want condensation in the tank). I do ride a few times every week so I'm not bothered about fuel going bad.
  11. My usual ride (I don't commute) is about 600 Kms and I fill up twice on that, by the time I get home the tank is about half empty and I just park: at my age I'm more likely to go off long before the fuel left in the tank does!
  12. I try fill up my bikes when the petrol is cheaper, then use up the fuel when petrol is more expensive.

    I'm not saying that us Scottish folk are mean, but it shits me having to pay an extra 15 or 17 cents per litre, some days of the week.

    Has anyone yet figured out why the price varies so much, apart from the "Dog's Dick" principle?

    As for leaving a bike that long that the fuel goes off...... no chance.
  13. I parked my old bike when it ran out of rego with only a small amount in the tank and 3 months later when I tried to start it I found that it had all evaporated.
  14. Yeah, you get more value out of the fuel in your tank if you don't ride till it becomes expensive!!! =D lol!
  15. I fill up at the end of a ride and always on Friday on the way home.

    In the morning I like to just get moving (I get up really early) and I find the end of day fuel fill up gives you a chance to say goodbye to everyone (that your riding with) and means you don't need to get fuel Monday morning on the way to work.
  16. See!

    Some one else understands my logic! :finger:
  17. If you fill up after a ride then it's full when you head out for the next one, but sometimes I can't be bothered, so I'll go for an occasional quick around-town spin to fill up and do the tyres when they're as close to reading cold pressures as the short hop to the servo.
  18. This is a good point... if you hadn't ridden your bike for a while, you'd have to check the tire pressure anyway.

    Anyhows, It's a good excuse anytime going for a spin to fill up, check your tires, get the wind in your face.
  19. I could ask which fuel is better for my bike but i better not lol :)
    10L is about 10kg which will slow you down ?

    of you can afford to wait for the fuel price cycle fill every wed :)

    I like to have my tank full...

    Just incase everyone has turned into a Zombie when you wake up in the morning and you need
    to make a quick escape..

    FYI I love all these questions as I learn from them also..

    Thanks NetRide Forums.
  20. Since I replaced my regular valve stems with right angle aluminium valve stems, my tyre pressures have been static for months at a time if not longer, I'm certain that when i do top them up it is only to replace the small amounts of air that escaped when checking the pressure.