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Fill n drill: what should I use?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. So I've got a magnetic speedo pickup to mount, and I've chosen the spot, which is on the brake caliper bracket as pictured:


    Now, where I want to put it is right over the second and third holes from the bottom. I need to fill those holes, then drill them and tap them to fit the screws I've got, because there's no clearance to the brake disc on the other side to use a nut etc.

    So, can anyone recommend something strong I can use to fill those holes, that won't move and that will be strong enough to tap a thread into? I was thinking quicksteel, but I'm sure there's something made for this kind of job.

  2. Aluminium Welding.
  3. quicksteall will do the job bt not sure if its strong enough.
    Go to the auto store and get the stuff they use for striped threads in spark plug holes. Its like quicksteal basicly. Should be a 2 part epoxy with a little lubricant/release agen bottle.

    -Hole in caliper get sanded and wax n grease removed
    -lubricant goes on bolt
    -epoxy mixed up
    -expoxy goes on bolt
    -everything goes on
    -extra expoxy goes in the caliper hole along with the bolt
    hardens and it all done,
  4. How thick is the bracket, Loz?

    Can you Helicoil it?

    Personally, I would take the bracket to an engineering shop and say - "Please make" - with said modifications.

    EDIT - Or be dodgy and weld the magnetic sensor bracket to the caliper bracket and throw your nuts and bolts in the big bin of nuts an bolts that every garage has.
  5. drill big hole in speed bracket. Tap caliper mount with fine thread. Get fine threaded bolt. Used locktite.

  6. I work with Aluminium. Note that if it is a tempered aluminium component, welding it will loose the temper and the strength of the component will go down to about half.

    I would not recommend welding?
  7. +1

    Is the bracket alloy ?
    How thick is it ?
    What diameter is the hole you need to fill ?
    If it's only supporting the pickup, then perhaps drill the hole to suit an alloy bung, drill and tap the bung then press fit with loctite etc.
  8. cable ties and duck tape, i mean are you going a fancy nacy boy streetfighter look or real streetfighter look.....

    Tell cheng to toughen up...grow some hairs on her chest and get used to the look, and you grow some balls and just mount it with either of the above options :LOL:
  9. Who needs a speedo anyway?
  10. Go to total tools or equivalent and have a chat to them about their liquid metal products.

  11. that bracket looks like steel to me
  12. Yeah steel I reckon. What I might do is tap a thread into both those holes, then use some sort of liquid metal (I'll chat to the all tools lads about what) to fill both so it's unlikely to come out. I'll then drill one hole into the liquid metal once that's set, and another into the existing caliper metal, tap those both and plonk the jigger on.