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Fiji/Vanuatu/Tahiti - Experiences?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm having myself a south pacific holiday towards the end of the year, and I'm a bit caught up in deciding where to go to. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these three, leaning more towards tahiti and then vanuatu. I'm looking for experiences people have had, where to stay, things to do, places to go, sights to see, etc.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I fly out for my week long honeymoon in tahiti next week. I'll let you know!
  3. i went to fiji, it was alright. i guess.

    depends what you wanna do. i probably wouldnt go back.
  4. This is very true. Ideally, what do you see yourself doing Lilley?

    A bird at work had nothing but praise for the two weeks she spent in the Cook Islands.

    Also the computer tech, here, who has travelled pretty widely, said he and his girlfriend had a great time in Vanuatu recently. He did say that eating out was surprisingly expensive for the standard of food on offer (on a par with eating out in Melbourne or Sydney when he'd expected it would be considerably less expensive). He said that if he was to go again, he'd hire out a self-contained unit (or something with a kitchenette), head to the market, cook for himself most nights, and then splash out a few times at the better seafood restaurants.

    Again, depends on what type of holiday you want...
  5. My experience of Fiji limited, Vanuatu a little less so, Tahiti not at all.

    From what I know, I would pick Vanuatu for myself. No French colonial 'attitude' or resentment, just genuinely friendly, if slightly boisterous, people. It's a bit more of 'real' country and less a tourist resort, so if a little bit of grunge puts you off it may not be what you want, though. I loved it.
  6. sweet bugger all. maybe a bit of market bargain hunting, but not heaps. Some bush walking, much swimming drinking tanning etc.
  7. My folks loved Fiji for all of those activities (maybe more drinking, less bushwalking...), and ended up going back a few times.
    They made friends with one of the barman in the Naviti (see...), and actually stayed in his village on their last trip - very friendly place.

    But now that I think of it, that was all before the (latest) military coup, not sure if that's changed anything...
  8. Sounds great. Are you thinking of going scuba diving at all, or just snorkelling?

    I'm not sure that it has changed much from a tourism perspective, other than perhaps to make things a little cheaper than they were previously. Tourism did take a heavy hit in the immediate aftermath of the coup, but I imagine its more or less recovered since then.
  9. scuba is a possibility, it's not a huge priority but I'd be happy to give it a go if it's there.
  10. I was in Tahiti as a 10yo and saw my first topless chick. Made quite an impression.

    If you are just going to laze around the pool with a beer then it won't matter too much where you go. Tahiti is expensive to get to and expensive to stay at.

    I've looked at going to the south Pacific a number of times but never quite made it almost entirely due to the cost and availability of good food. Bali, Malaysia and Thailand provide can provide the same kind of experience but the food at each of those is fantastic and cheap.
  11. My partner and I had a kind of honeymoon in Vanautu about 18 months ago. We mainly stayed in the luxury resort, but we went to the local village one day and into port villa another. I wouldn't hesitate to go back and get out to a few of the islands and see a volcano or two. A bit more time by the pool sipping cocktails would be nice too.

    I've heard Fiji is more of a family place and the resorts look bigger. Also if I want to meet Fijians I just need to go knock on the the door of most of my neighbors.

    I've heard Tahiti is expensive.

    cocos or Adaman islands? Bit longer to get too.
  12. I stayed at Tahiti about 10years ago (5 days Moorea and 4 days Bora Bora both club med)

    Liked Moorea better - Bora Bora was full of snobby zillionaires who wore suits to meals even though we were at a resort - but both places were expensive (thank god everything was pre paid - a 250mL can of coke from a coke machine was $4 australian and that was 10 years ago in bora bora so I can imagine its prolly closer to $8 for a small can by now)

    Was plenty of activitys that were prepaid if you go club med (eg snorkeling gear/towels/catamarans/windsurfers etc just go and grab one and all meals and alcohol over meals also included - Great to be able to pour your own beer over a open bar :) )
  13. scuba!!!!!!!!

  14. did you stay at eratap or some other?

    Tahiti is expensive, prohibitively expensive I think. I've got about a 10g budget.
  15. Yep Eratap. Run by a couple of Aussies using people from the local village throughout the resort. My only criticism wasn't quite up to the standard of the resort. Sort of 4 star food in a 5 star resort. and if I had of stayed another day I would have educated the barman on how I like my martinis

    It was pretty cheap for the standard. $10K would keep you there for about 4 weeks including flights. Maybe a bit less if you are booking tours out to other islands etc. We went in a shoulder season.
  16. Wouldn't say prohibitively expensive - although Bora Bora is definitely overpriced.

    We're staying Sofitel, first night on Papaete, 5 nights on Moorea, then last night back on Papaete. Including one night in Auckland on stopover, it's set us back about $7.5 including all breakfasts.

    In contrast, I think Bora Bora was about two grand per night for an over water bungalow...just ridiculous.
  17. For my peace of mind, how much in advance do you need to book to get accommodation in the top range of resorts?

    17SJS, perhaps not prohibitive, but I would prefer closer to two weeks than one, and their seems to be more things I would do at vanuatu for cheaper.
  18. I have no idea how far ahead. Vanuatu is the cheaper of the three, though I hear Fiji isn't far behind since their political troubles and the floods.

    BTW Eratap is very much a couples resort.
  19. I stayed at the Sofitel the night our plane arrived at Papaette also 17SJS (before they renovated it) Nice place with a nice pool that has a bridge running over it and brekky laid out as a serve yourself thing the next day :) (then caught a ferry which had some funny coconut carvings on it to Moorea from memory, then a small plane to Bora Bora)
    We sailed a catamaran round the point and checked out those bungalows ontop of the water that you mentioned also, niiiiice - but too pricy like you said tho we stayed elsewhere (club med bora bora - Those bungalows were at the Sofitel Bora Bora)
  20. that's the point. ;)

    thanks for the info.