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Fighterblade - Lots of Pics

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by blocka, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I have always wanted to fighter it but also was happy with how it looked with standard bodywork so never messed it up. Then I crashed it a few weeks back so I thought it would be a good time to give it a crack.


    Crash :(

    How it stood for a while

    Ordered a headlight and bracket.
    Got some bar end mirrors to put on.
    Will be getting a HID kit which I was planning to do anyway.
    Over the next two days I mounted up the gauges, extending the wiring for the relays and mounting the bank angle sensor in the rear cowl. (Which will also hold the ballasts and my 12v socket.
  2. Re: Fighterblade

    I done some research and inspired by r1-superstar's build I started ordering parts and brainstorming ideas. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery :)
    [img width=600 height=450]http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a300/sv5000r/Fighterblade/fb951839.jpg[/img]
  3. Re: Fighterblade

    Once everything had arrived, it was time to start fabbing and modifying mounts and getting the headlight and gauges setup in the right position.
  4. Re: Fighterblade

    Then dummy fitting up the headlight setup.

    Once it was all mounted and looking shit hot, had to take it off again to re-wire the shitty aftermarket headlight wiring.

    You can see here the stock, but slightly modified, headlight wiring harness with 55W H7's next to the shitty aftermarket harness that came with 35W globes
  5. Re: Fighterblade

    I also retro fitted the stock connectors for the indicators on the aftermarket indicator housings

    Retro fitting the standard H7's into the new headlight housing

    While I was at it with the soldering iron, I decided to mount the Tilt Sensor or Bank Angle Sensor to the boot, which required me to extend the wires while keeping the standard connector.

    While we had it apart, we decided to take the airbox off so I could mount some mesh behind the frame where the RAM air holes are to prevent anything unwanted from falling into the airbox.
  6. Re: Fighterblade

    Seeing as we were into the pulling shite off the bike mood decided to take off the zorst to get it sandblasted and ready for paint.
  7. Re: Fighterblade

    And now, well it's getting close to finished, just got to repaint a couple bits. But at the moment it's sitting how I envisioned it.



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  8. Re: Fighterblade





    And that's how it sits at the moment, ready to test ride when I get another nice day and some time off work.
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  9. Hmmmm. That's rather tasty.
  10. very cool Blocka
  11. Nice job on the bike and with sharing the process.
    One thing though, are you going to cover that slab of very delicate and exposed metal known as the radiator?
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  12. can you please put mx style bars on it? its not a fighter without them IMO.

    and you should put a rear sprocket on that has about 6 teeth more from standard, for ultimate wheelies.
  13. Looks awesome, would be good if you could lower the brake fluid reservoir
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    Definitely getting a rad guard, got a mate making one for me.
    Wheelies pretty damn easy as it is :)
    And as for MX bars, the Heli bars are a good in between for me, gets the profile low but rises the bars just enough to be comfortable.
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    Yea Ive thought the same but I'm out of ideas with that
  16. awesome work. Really love what you did with that.
  17. looks pretty good, as said before the brake reservoir is a bit of an eye-sore compared to the rest of the bike!
  18. looking very tough mate!
  19. That looks sweet.
  20. Hell Yeah dude, thats fkn mean looking, not quite as mean as Bladerod, but tops!