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Fight Fans

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heavyw8, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. For all you fight fans out there that have foxtel... i highly recommend watching 'The Contender'!

    Sly Stallone and Sugar Ray cleverly put together a reality TV show (yes another!) that allows the viewer to personally know each character.

    Not only have they found some great characters that tidy up somewhat boxing's image, but they are VERY decent as well.

    it seems as though they're seeking to create their own league and quite successfully too. a rematch after the series finished was viewed by 11.8 million viewers.

    As Sly says... 'go for it'!
  2. yer I saw the add for this show, It looks good and I think the end result will be a fighter that can go far.
  3. i take it we are talking boxing fighter here??

    still would be interesting to watch.. got a great team from the sounds of it..
  4. TUF, the ultimate fighter, is something I recommend.
    It's the same thing (the show you're talking about is a copy of TUF) but it's MMA (mixed martial arts) instead of boxing, made by the UFC.

    A bunch of guys, living, training, and competing against each other (in teams), with each show ending in a fight. Some great talent, some great fights, and some great TV in the house.

    You can find a few torrents on isohunt.com

  5. Damn it, and here I was thining this thread was going to be about me and JDK :LOL:
  6. Vic, is that a dyslexic version of Jeet Kune Do? ;)