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Fifth Gear - Civic Type R Vs Fireblade

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Toefa, Jul 18, 2007.

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    This has gotta be our favourite clip... Did a quick search for it on here but couldnt find it. Enjoy


  2. Haha, wow thats a great clip. Seeing that fireblade getting air and landing in a wheelie made me smile from ear to ear :grin:
  3. Yeah absolutely... I cant get over the drift under brakes at 6 minutes 26 seconds. :shock:
  4. I like one at 7:26 better.

    And the fact that the guy in the civic botches his afterwards. I used to be able to do better handbrakies than that in my 75 LT1600 Celica when i had it.

    Great video. It was nice to see 'The Mountain' at Cadwell park where all of those airborne photos of bikes were taken.
  5. Kickarse vid!

  6. Looks awesome, doesn't it. Oh to be able to ride like that....
  7. Ummm Toseland wasn't even trying. The very fact that he was doing wheelies left right and center tells us that he wasn't going anywhere near what he or the bike was capable of.
  8. WTF, they were the slowest knee dragging curves ive seen in a while. Having the type R up his ass in the corner. Get knotted, toseland wasn't even trying! The blade should have c-sectioned the ass off the type R by half a lap! :LOL:

    As for airborne, pleez. What shi*t was that. A stock blade with a good flick of the throttle in 2nd would have punched 200 up that rise!
  9. He was supposed to jump, not wheelie. That was what Tiff was going on about.

    Grief guys, it was a television spot on a popular program, not an in depth analysis of whether a blade would beat a civic. It would have been supported by Honda as well.

    5th Gear does lots of these totally useless comparisons.
  10. Exactly what we think too... The narration towards the end is bias in favour of the car, when it is obvious that Toseland could kick 7 colours of sh!t outta the civic.
    When Toseland locks it up under brakes in the hairpin and the civic gets in front, it's all because Tiff Needell pushes in too close for comfort, you can see how p!ssed he gets with a look over the shoulder as he wheelies past him.

    I say keep 'em coming.. Useless comparisons that are pure entertainment

  11. :) Especially ones with Vicki squealing... :p
  12. I mean its all well and good for entertainment, just what gets me is that they pass it off as being legitimate testing.
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    Don't read too much into it. In my opinion the bike vs. car argument can't ever be definitely won.

    A driver with ability 'x' will corner much faster than a rider with ability 'x', 4> 2 for cornering of course. But acceleration wise, the bike will beat almost all cars.

    So for track comparisons, it would depend on the type of track. Constant hairpins would favour the car, and less sharp bends, and more spaced out, would favour the bike.

    Meaning, that whoever can use their strength the most (ie car=cornering,bike=acceleration), should win. That could suggest that a bike could still be much slower on bends, but catch up/overtake with acceleration.

    This is another interesting comparison between a road bike, a moto gp bike, and a 300zx sportscar. [media=youtube]OAMm0GMghN8[/media]

    Ultimately, top end bike(motogp) vs. top end car(f1), car will always win.

    Then again, a top of the range sportsbike costs 15-20k, for a top of the range car you'd be looking at 100-800k.

    To conclude.. cars and bikes are both fast and fun. Its just that some prefer one to another.
  14. In Aus last year 'The Car Show' ran a comparison with John Bowe in a Ford Typhoon and Steve Brouggy on a 675. The 675 was 5-7 seconds a lap quicker at PI than the car. They repeated the test with the two hosts and the gap was around the same. So a reasonable rider beat a reasonable driver, and an A grade racer beat a V8 driver.
  15. The trouble with that is that the Ford isn't really a "Sports" car in the same league as the 675. Put it up against a real car and the results might be different.
  16. Agree.
  17. Yep also agree.. Bike wins hands down in my eyes, even if the car wins certain challenges.

    But i like the Type R's and i especially like seeing two people REALLY enjoying themselves, safely, throwing nice vehicles around :grin:
  18. A Typhoon isn't a real car? 270KW 6Cl Turbo? Uprated brakes and suspension?

    What's a real car? A Porsche? Ferarri? But then you'd have to replace the 675 with a 1098S. Where do you stop? The comparison was made as they are both attainable models, not exotica.
  19. Oh come on a 675 is a ground up Sports Bike the entire thing from wooh to go has been designed with one purpose only, the Typhoon on the other hand is fat heavy family sedan with a shed load of power and uprated suspension. (and a tendency to detonate clutches)
  20. Suggest an alternative.