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Fifa worldcup 2018/2022 host bids

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Will Hung, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. A waste of tax payer money and a waste of time. The powers that be have clearly made up their minds to have the game in a specific part of the world. Past expeience of major and successful games (i.e. Olympics) counts for nothing with FIFA. All the fat cats within FIFA prefers to have back room deals and under the table money. Australia's idiotic bid team have done nothing but buy expensive and lavish presents.
  2. I'd love to see it here but don't really think its going to happen, my guess would be qatar.
    Happy to be proved wrong though.

    From todays papers it looks like the Australian bid team would not be holding out too much hope.
  3. pffft our population is too small and our interest spread across to many different sports to make it economically viable which is strange as soccer has the most registered players in Asutralia

    Guaranteed the other imitation football codes would throw a spanner in the works when ever they could
  4. Perhaps getting the sports name right might help???
  5. NSL = National Soccer league
  6. I think you'll find the NSL folded years ago. Now Football Australia run the A League...
  7. I would love to see it here, Im a huge football fan.
    I heard an interview on SEN radio today where a guy said in 10 years football will be the biggest sport in Australia. I think he has been hitting the crack pipe to hard if he thinks the A League will ever pass NRL or AFL in popularity. As a country we love sport, but when we fork out or hard earned to go watch it we want to see it with the best players, and we will never ever attract the worlds best players to our league purely because we cant afford them.
  8. Wow the positivity in this thread is overwhelming :p.

    Didn't seem to trouble South Africa hosting the last one. In fact the main stadium was called Soccer city stadium.


    I use the word soccer, as saying football unless the topic of 'football' is known can mean up to about 4 different sports here. Just makes things easier.
  9. I feel Australia is too insignificant on the world stage of this sport and I dont think there is enough interest in the sport in this country to justify it. Im not biased to NRL or anything, dont get me wrong, i play soccer.

    However, i disagree that it would be a waste of taxpayers money. We already have the facilities. We hosted the 2000 Olympics, remember? Well that stadium is still there, along with plenty of others where our cricket/footy matches are held. All we gotta do is open the gates and collect the money for seats. Dont forget, it isnt free to watch, and there is always the added bonus of tourists spending money while on their short holiday thus supporting certain industries and the economy. Lets not kid ourselves, we arent trying to imitate a $9b Chinese Olympics, so relax, it will make us money, not cost us.

  10. so if we get it (i highly doubt it though) and africa went sick with vuvuzelas, what are we going to use?

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    Hopefully we can get it, but not to sure i trust FIFA not to take qatars oil money and have players in 40 degree heat in a tiny nation.
    But i have to say our bid video presentation was just cringeworthy bad
  12. So that's what Hoge's was really doin' here.
    The whole ATO taking him to court biz was just an elaborate cover up.
    (notice how they recently droped all charges?)
  13. russia wins 2018 fair enough

    Qatar wins 2022, a nation of 1.6 million people, but rich with oil money, Fifa's corruption rules once more
  14. Oh well, It's worth having a look at the Times article and the BBC Panorama piece on FIFA... Everyone knew they were a bit dodgy but the reality is amazing...
  15. Osama is going to have have a field day in 2022
  16. Australia is a minority nation and its soccer status is even smaller
  17. Russia in 2018 sounds interesting, wouldn't mind heading there for that.

    I think a big plus for qatar was matches being able to be shown at decent times in Europe and easier for Europeans to get to, rather than its actual population size or anything else. Corrupt I don't know, I'm sure in anything like this it exists but I think Australia was really an outsider, if we had won it I would have thought a greater level of corruption had taken place.