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Field of Woman 2005

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrOkimura, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. This came through my work. Please forward to anyone who can help.

    Some of you know my friend Lyn Swinburne.

    For those who don't, Lyn was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago this week (St. Valentines Day). Lyn, along with her other breast cancer buddies, is known as a 'Survivor'.

    As a result of the unknowns and difficulties she encountered when she was first diagnosed and treated, Lyn recognised there was a lack of coordination and support for her and for fellow breast cancer sufferers and so she established her organisation known as 'Breast Cancer Network Australia', or BCNA.

    BCNA is a non profit organisation whose funding, apart from small Government grants, relies entirely on the philanthropy of others, such as the amazing commitment of 'Bakers Delight' and other similar sponsors. But there is always an ongoing need for further funding, awareness and exposure to enable the network to continue its wonderful hands-on support for those affected by this disease.

    Lyn is so passionate about her organisation that nothing happens in small measures! And, this is where YOU come in!

    On Friday 6th May, 2005 at the MCG, just prior to the AFL night game between Melbourne and Adelaide (read on...........I don't follow football either!), BCNA is planting a 'Field of Women' in the middle of the hallowed turf.

    A 'Field of REAL Women'.

    It is planned to have 11,500 women, dressed in pink ponchos, stand silently in the middle of the ground. This figure represents the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia EACH YEAR. Hopefully this image will capture the attention of the local and interstate media, as well as international coverage, bringing greater awareness to this incredible fact.

    Would you like to join me as one of those 11,500 women?

    If so, please contact me
    Annette Bacash-Armitage
    The cost to each participant is $25.

    To date, Lyn has the full support of the AFL, the MCG - who have offered all those participating a free seat at the ground, and the Melbourne Football Club. Australia Post has agreed to be a key supporter for the event. If you have any contact with companies or organisations who may be able to do likewise, either through financial sponsorship or by supporting staff members to attend, Lyn would be delighted to hear about them.

    All she needs now is 11,500 women.

    I am hoping I can get a large team together and therefore I ask you to give participating in this event serious consideration.

    Ask your family and friends to join you and you may send this email on to as many women as you have in your address book to spread the word. Please respond with an expression of interest as soon as you can so I can determine numbers to pass on to BCNA. Appropriate registration and payment details are being developed at the moment and these will be relayed to you upon your commitment to attend the evening.

    Please put Friday 6th May in your diary now.

    I do hope you can join me in this unique and amazing event.

    Kind regards,
    Annette Bacash-Armitage