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Fiddy and 929 stunt vids

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by N*A*M, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Since I blew up my Hornet motor, I started mucking around with the fiddy and with video edits. I'm quite a video n00b but here goes...

    Fiddy mix clip...
    http://point05.com/videos/fiddies.wmv (5mb)

    Troy with some sweet combos...
    http://point05.com/videos/troy.wmv (10mb)

  2. Haha that fiddy looks like a hoot!

    How long 'til you're pulling those circle wheelies on the 919?
  3. Yeah that looks like great fun!! That fiddy video alone is almost enough persuasion to by a pocket bike just to do that shit on!!!
  4. thanks dudes

    might be swapping the fiddy for a 929 shortly...
  5. Gee, fair swap. :shock:
  6. 2 great vids. Who was the band in the second clip.

    I have to get myself a fiddy :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. Thanks N*A*M - great vids.

    I really enjoyed the fiddies one, but the second one was just fantastic :cool:

    So what speed/gear do you do those wheelies at? And that bar hanging off the back of the bike is made for stunt bikes to stop them going over :?: Or maybe use it a pilliion grab rail and pop a wheelie and you could grind someone's fingers off :shock:

    Sorry for the dumb questions - I've only ever managed wheelies on trailies :oops:
  8. Toecutter - the bar at the back's called a "12 bar" and it's basically there to be the first thing to grind on the tarmac when the bike goes to 12 o'clock and beyond on a wheelie. You'll see them on a lot of serious stunt bikes. Plenty of clips around of guys scraping those along the ground, although you'd have to be pretty ballsy to give a 12-bar a drag on a bike with unmodified gearing.
  9. hey guys. thanks for checking out the videos.

    the music is by the living end, off their new album - "state of emergency". the fiddies clip song is "reborn", troy's clip is to "no way out".

    dazza, if you're in melboure, you're most welcome to ride the fiddy if you want to try it out. but you might get addicted. it's nothing like a pocket bike and teaches you a lot of skills that transfer to the big bikes.

    toecutter, too bad i missed your message until this afternoon because today was stuntskills ride day at oran park, sydney. it's a practice session in a controlled environment for beginners and experienced riders. i can let you know when the next one is on if you like.

    lozza is right on the money with the 12 bar. i've got a big piece of titanium sitting on my desk that's waiting to be put on the back of a bike for mad sparks! gearing would help scrapes by giving you more engine braking to save yourself, but it is not essential. the rear brake is your friend.
  10. Hey N*A*M, Do you get much trouble from the cops where you are??? Have any people passing by ever given you an earful?
  11. i've been busted mid wheelie twice... i got fined on the fiddy, but got a warning on the big bike. go figure!
  12. Thanks N*A*M

    My bike is not really set up for that environment :shock:

    But I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in Sydney so post up when the next one is on.

    Would like a go on the fiddy though :cool: