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Fiddling around with my bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nic, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. I can see my bike parked on the footpath from one of the office windows, just 15 minutes ago I walk past and take quick glance. I see 3 guys (2 chubb money courier guys and another bloke) put the bike back on the center stand. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: WTF

    I hesitated for a second if I should go down there and tell them what I think or keep an eye on them just in case. I stayed inside and kept watch.

    The 3 chubb guys pop back in their van and driver off the 3rd guy has close look at the bike and walks away.
    I pop down to have a look, bike looks ok, just moved 50cm.

    Now I'm paranoid, what did they do ???

  2. Ring Chubb and make a complaint...no-one touches the bike. It's as bad as getting into someones car and fiddling with stuff with the added danger of the thing falling over.

    Was it parked in the way of anything?
  3. I'd ring chub and get them to explain why they moved your motorcycle. If there is a wishy wasy unreasonable excuse like "we cant contact trucks on deliveries and or we weren't operating in that area" then pursue it further...

    No one except emergency, council and police have the right to move or authorise your property moved on public land or roads.
  4. You're right, however was it likely to be in their way (e.g. next to an ATM, outside a bank's front door etc.) WHile they don't have the right to move it if they need to make a delivery or pick up then it mightbe understandable - never acceptable...
  5. The bike is parked on the footpath next to a no standing sign. The Chubb guys always park there when making a drop to the bank or getting lunch.
    I could have been that the bike was in their way to access the hatch on the truck (would be a first)

    Now I regret not running down their and asking what they were up to ?

  6. No standing is a legitimate parking spot. If you see them again - ask them. If it was access to the bank then that's one thing - if it was just getting lunch then stuff them. :evil:

    Either way they can't move it - it's just that access to the bank is understandable - the other's not...
  7. seen this on my bike in St Kilda... was not happy.. now have an alarmed disk lock.. at least i dont have an auto-up side stand.. :-( ohh if you have a camera phone or a dig camera.. always helps to have a nice shot worth a thousand words so they say..
  8. maybe keep an eagle eye out for them in the future, and ask wtf are they touching your bike for?

    I parked once in a car spot on albert rd (off st kilda rd, melbourne), came back to find someone had moved my bike onto the footpath and taken the spot where my bike was :evil:
  9. That was common in the pre-footpath parking days. What was equally as common was a big scatch down the side of their paintwork. :LOL:
  10. :mad: yeah- thought about it, but it had been a few hours, might not be the right car! Thing is, there were plenty of spots free in the area.
  11. You sure you aren't confusing it with NO Parking?

    No stopping means exactly that, you cannot stop there for any reason. No parking means you can stop but cannot park your car and walk away from it.
  12. I would hazard a guess and say that the CIT boys needed better access to the trucks vault and moved your bike.
    The only concern I would have with that is, if there was a disklock on the disk and they were unaware and rolled the bike forward and smashed the cowlings or damaged the brake caliper, then what?
  13. I phrased it badly. I meant legitimate footpath parking spot for a motorcycle. :LOL: No standing has generally been replaced by no stopping which means the same thing - you should be able to park a bike right on the kerb there (VicRoads guidelines actually mention that you can park a bike closer to the kerb in a no stopping zone).
  14. I was talking about the Armoured Van ya malaka :p
  15. Anyway, we all know there's something dodgy about these security blokes :p :p
  16. Yeah there is.
    Well until you make it to CIT, they are the coolest lot :)

    Or is that clueless lot?

    I forget :)
  17. They probably thought your bike was parked 50cm off the legal parking spot.
  18. the plot thickens ... Started to ride home tonight the bike didn't feel right.
    I look down and see the handle bars are slight off but I'm going straight WTF !!

    I stop and try to strightem them a bit, by squeezing the fromt wheel in between my legs. The bars seem to move back into place.
    I then think about it and start to wonder how that's possible ?
    With the way the forks attach to the head, it's impossible !!!

    Anyway I head back to my parking spot, and I see the 3rd guy who was involved in the incident.
    I stop and ask him what happened, he tells me he pumped the bike with his scooter today and it fell against the Chubb truck !!
    He looked around and saw no damage, I tell him somthing not right with the steering, he tells me where he works and tell me to go see him if something needs to be fixed.

    I'll pop down to the local bike shop tomorrow morning and ask them if
    there is anything wrong

  19. Hey Nic,

    Sorry to hear mate, hopefully the bike's ok!!
    Let us know how u go??
  20. Shitty thing to have happen to your bike, but great that the scooter rider admitted it freely.

    And congrats to the chubb guys for giving the scooter rider a hand .. there's always another side to a story :wink: