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Fiat Freemont

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dnardy, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. We will be buying a new or low km 2nd hand car this year to replace our 300,000km VT Commodore. We have a 8 month old girl and our main requirements are lots of storage space in a fuel efficient car. Very interested in the Fiat Freemont Urban, which is the only diesel model. It ticks these requirements at a very reasonable price (our budget is around $35000). Other contender is the Skoda Octavia, but the wife prefers SUV to wagon for getting baby in and out of car.
    Most bad reviews seem to stem from the petrol engine (which I’m not interested in) or the fact that the diesel is only available in manual (driving a manual doesn’t worry me or the wife, and I actually prefer it). Seems like quite the bargain to me and I don’t mind the American styling. Its difficult for me to get a test drive in a diesel because we live in a regional area, with only 1 local Fiat dealer. I drove a petrol auto yesterday, and was impressed with everything except the unintelligent gearbox.
    Anyone with experience with these cars and can shed some light on reliability, servicing costs etc.? Any more bad points I should know? Any upcoming Fiat specials I should hold out for? Any competitors I should be considering? How does it stack up to, say, a Ford Territory.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. whilst I don't own a territory myself one of my mates does, and he and his wife were so impressed they bought another for her.

    Been on a couple of trips in it to red hill etc and the ride is very smooth, very comfortable.

    I cant remember the exact mileage he's getting but I know his happy with it.

    No major issues with them either so far.
  3. It's a Dodge in disguise and American cars are terrible reliability wise, as well as resale, parts availability etc etc etc.

    I would steer clear personally.
  4. An American car with an Italian engine built in Mexico.
  5. Yep well aware of the relationship between Freemont and Dodge Journey and the reliability issues regarding modern American cars. But really, when it's competition is a rebadged Daewoo (Captiva), it doesn't look too bad in comparison. Also I haven't heard many horror stories regarding the Journey/Freemont themselves.
    Anybody with real world experience with these vehicles?