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FI indicator on gt650r EFI 2010

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NinjaWahash91, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    i recently bought a second hand gt650r 2010 model with only 2000kms on the clock.
    When i ride the bike, the FI indicator blinks and goes away for a while and comes back on. The bikes sometimes turns off when i stop at a stop sign or wait for the traffic light. i took it to a hyosung dealer and they have reset the computer on it...and they notified me that the bike is derestricted and solely thats why the FI comes on... and after they resetted the computer on it, when i was half way home it came back on... i called bikebiz to get the throttle stop plate and it would cost around $30 for the part...
    Is derestriction the main cause for the FI indicator to come on??? Also the throttle sometimes does not work when i full throttle it...
    Your help and responses would be greatly appreciated... i have owned the bike for about 2 weeks and it saddens me to see it suffer as i havent had time the chance to ride the bike without having to worry about the bike...
    regards zack:):):)

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    I'm not saying anything...
  3. err I cannot for love nor money see why the throttle stop being removed would cause the FI light to come on.

    Ask the dealer you took it to what the error code they read from the ecu was. As it should hold the last error code especially if your FI light is coming on and off.

    I wouldnt bother about getting that part too. Doesnt seem worth it if you ask me.

    Note, I could be totally wrong but for once I doubt it lol
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  4. Maybe a fault with the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Do you get any error code on the Speedo?
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  5. Thanks for ur reply,
    Na no error code, only only the chek thing dont.know what that is...
  6. Thanks for ur reply,
    he didnt tell me the error code, he said you need to replace the throttle plate as the current one is worn out... he said thats what causes it... but why would it affect the bike as a whole. It shuts off at times and throttle does not work when you increase your throttle accelaration quickly...
  7. Sorry, but shouldn't this be covered under warranty? Tell them to fix it themselves or if they're not interested they'll get a bill from someone who will. De-restricting a restricted bike shouldn't cause issues and if it does it's their job to fix them - that's what a warranty is for.

    EDIT: Throttle plate 'worn out' after 2,000 k's? They might be telling you fibs mate..
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    Yeah, more likely 'fcuked' before it left the factory.
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  9. If it was a restricted bike it would have been a GT650 RL (L being for LAMS). I would be asking them to check the sidestand switch and clutch switch as these are a pretty common cause of Hyosung's stalling and causing an FI light. Unfortunately the Hyosung ECU doesn't store fault codes in the ECU, the bike needs to have the FI light illuminated and then when the diagnostic reader is plugged in it will read any error codes the tech can then cross reference it with the manual

    Whether the bike was restricted and it has now been de-restricted I would be skeptical it would cause and FI light issue .

    Good luck getting it sorted!
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  10. I seriously dont know man. They are a dodgy dealer and they rip people off hard. Im going to take it to bikebiz parramatta...im thinking that they didnt even run it through the computer. There was a small leak from the water pump and the bloody dealer said it would cost me $450 to get it fixed. The dealer is f&$ked up big time. He bloody dealer charged me $100 just for the ECU check...
    i felt as if i got ripped off..
  11. Thanks for ur reply appreciate it,
    He did mention it but he didnt bother looking at those two issues side stand and clutch.
    Will take it to bikebiz asap i think they are more affordable and they provide good service.
    cheers matey...
  12. you can check the error code yourself at home.

    open the rear seat and on the LHS (standing behind the bike) under the rear fairing, there is a white 2pin connector. Short that connector with a metal wire/paper clip and turn the key, so the dash lights up, put the bike in neutral and the cut off switch to on.
    it should tell you code in terms of....C41 etc..
    if there is no errors recorded, it'll just show a C or C00
    and then look it up in the service manual.
    here's the link:
    you're after the GT650 EFI manual.

    also, as others have said. derestricting it WILL NOT cause the FI light to come up.
    the FI light only comes on, if the ECU doesn't get a response for one or more sensors for atleast 3 seconds.

    also, check out www.korider.com
    its a Hyosung forum and you'll find out heaps good info on your bike, including fixes.

    Edit: here's the pic of the 2 pin plug you need to short:
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  13. Thanks a lot for the reply bro. Appreciate it... sorry man im not really good with mechanics, what did you mean by i need to short the two pin plug... i found the and both of the wires are not connected is that normal???
  14. yep, thats normal. your plugs should look like the way they are in the pic.
    By short i mean...use a paper clip or a metal wire, and put it in the holes in the 2 pin connector.

    before doing that, put the bike in neutral with the kill switch to on and turn the ignition on, so the dash turns on. wait a few couple of seconds, till you see 0kmph on the dash and then put a paper clip in the connector and about a second or so later, you should see the codes on the screen.

    this is how to short it:

    and this is what you should see, except with a code like C 41 or C 20 or something.


    also the restrictor you need to get or are being told by the dealer looks like a lil plate that stops the throttle from going all the way.


    here's another link with the error code displayed:

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  15. U r a life saver bro... also when i try to put the pin in the plug it would it electrocute me... sorry i hate electricity hehe
    Thanks a lot for ur help... i ll have a go later today cause im at work...
  16. Thanks again... i just performed what you told me... the only thing i could see was the letter C... for the codes to come up does the FI indicator have to be there or not...
    i was riding back from work and the acceleration wouldnt work properly when i wanted to give it... when i increase the throttle suddenly it wont work and when i try to full throttle it it suddenly jumps... any suggestions...
    thanks bro
  17. Just a case of Hyo-Itis
  18. Thanks. Whats that ...
  19. Hey man i finally got the code,
    C14” TP SENSOR CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION... how the hell did the mechanic dealer said that i need to replace the throttle stop plate...WTF... if the problem is about the circuit malfunction, how is that even related to throttle plate??? Wat the hell...
    LAMS or someone else would you have any idea on how to fix this??? Your help is greatly appreciated...:):):)
  20. download the service manual and if you have a voltmeter you can diagnose it by measuring the resistance in the TP sensor... It's page 31 of the service manual...
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