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FGR Midalu – 2500cc V6 naked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. That's a wide angle V. Looks about 100 degrees.
  2. How much does it weigh? :LOL:
  3. Looks like it would get up and go,
    Left hand case sticks out a bit, Its gone in a bingle,
  4. looks to be 270kg and i think it looks like a stunner

  5. ehhh

    don't like it much

    exhaust pipes are shiat, look like paint ball tubes

    and it looks like they've ripped the tank from the Z750/Z1000, frame from the Duke's, and the swingarm from the R1
  6. Don't like the front, but sides and back looks okay (probably the paintball barrels could be better). Maybe a tad short at the back.
  7. Agreed. Looks a little fat in the front on shot but otherwise they've done a remarkably good job at making something that big look quite svelte.
  8. I like it.

    Being limited to 6 bikes is going to make it expensive. $70K euros is my bet.
  9. servicing costs?

    then again, if you could afford to buy it.....
  10. I quite like it, front end is a bit retro 'monster' but the rear and side view is rather appealing - like the pipes too, if not a little small.

    I say good luck to them!
  11. I want to take behind the bike shed and get it pregnant! Its unreal!

    Shame theyre only planning 6. Means we wont see one down under most likely.
  12. fat bikes need some loving too 8-[ and i got to say that thats one beautiful bike.
  13. But the US market already has enough fat bike love to more than cover the rest of the world.
  14. Awww it's not that bad. Not as fat as the I6 Kawasaki brought out when I was a pup. The more bikes the better. Looks like a 90 deg. V6's are not known for their smoothness. But a 90 should be. Depending on the firing order. Just wondering why you would need a bike that could tow a boat ??
  15. I reckon it needs a slightly longer tail and the pipes kept low, 6 into 6 megaphones but about the same size.
  16. So you can upgrade from a jetski.
  17. To me it looks like a Diavel had an affair with a speed triple and had a couple MV 675 exhausts tacked on each side.

    That said I would love to own one just to blast around on and destroy tyres with.