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FFS-What's with the bad driving?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hey folks,

    is it just me or does the festive season bring out the bad drivers? Or am I more sensitive to it since I had my crash one month ago? I'm in the cage at the moment and I am almost grateful that I'm not riding my bike, as lots of people are not indicating, crossing lanes, tailgating, and doing just plain stupid scheit; more than usual. I've had near misses daily and I'm in a bright frigg'n red car! Is it just Newcastle or is it a national phenomena?

    I even saw a guy pull over to have a spew and then drive off! Clearly still suffering from the work Christmas party!

    If it is for real, ride safe my biker brothers and sisters and watch those festive igiots!
    Merry Christmas yo'all!
    (excuse the obvious rant but I'm clearly suffering bike withdrawals)
  2. Everyone's in a hurry to get that extra special present for someone, or to get enough groceries to fend off starvation over the holiday, when the shops are shut.

    Saw a middle aged woman road (car-park) raging at a bloke in his seventies this morning, because he got into a parking spot that she'd spotted from the street. :roll:

    She really expected him to move his car so she could park right outside the greengrocers. :shock:
  3. Not traffic Related but...

    Last Christmas in Queensland i saw a women (probly bout 30y) she was running frantically into Coles with a shopping trolley and she ran into a bike that was parked near the door to coles, stupid lady, she just straightened up the trolley and kept running inside.

    I saw the biker inside and told him a crazy B@#% just hit his bike with a trolley, the woman got an earful.
    Crazy Christmas People
  4. Reading these threads diminishes my faith in humanity, time for Earth:/ format I think :LOL:
  5. Yes, how very true.

    Here in sydney, it is like rain... but worse. I only have a cage at the moment, and the thought of being on two wheels with some of the idiots on the road makes you a bit squeemish.
    To give you a relevant example, i was driving to warringah mall and saw a lady in a tongan bus cut over 2 lanes almost taking out a guy on a honda with L plates. Lucky for him (and her) he had seen her move like this and had backed off in time.
    Needless to say the hand over the shoulder was her way of apologising for nearly whiping this guy off the planet.

    The only thing that i can attribute this to is that people think that they will be beating the lines/que for parking by getting there quicker. When in reality they will still be sitting in the same line for almost the same time as the guy that got there 5 mins later.
  6. People are always idiots, it's the human condition. You're probably just more "in tune" with it at the moment!


    I just try & chill out, it's a good time of year to practice your karma, whether you believe in it or not!

    Stay safe & watch the skies! I mean roads. By which I mean stupid drivers.
  7. Ahhhh, Christmas :roll: . It's a bit like bad weather, or picking your kids up from school.........and a full moon :grin: . Turns quite a few people psycho.

    You're possibly a little sensitive after the accident, which is exascerbating everything.

    I had a car do a right turn in front of me decades ago(I was in my own cage), and I am still a little gun shy when an on coming car indicates to turn right.
  8. Driving brings out the bad drivers.
  9. Yep this week is by far the worst to be on the roads, unfortunately i only have the public holidays off so I'm riding into the city each day.

    Only minutes ago I was almost wiped out by a driver texting, as there was a bend in the street they turned slightly early came half into my lane as I was beside them and literally only mms from their wing mirror. I was concentrating on getting out of there and beeped at the last minute. She then pulled up next to me (at the lights) and asked why all riders are such a**holes and why I was using my horn and looking at her.

    I calmly explained the error of her ways before giving her an earful and demonstrating that this particular rider can be a real ahole.
  10. I did this once - I wasnt intoxicated at all but suffering from a sudden onset bout of food poisoning. I'd gone from feeling absolutely fine, to incapacitated doubled up by the roadside in the space of ten minutes. After a emptying my stomach contents onto the road out of the car door and then all over the nature strip once I got out the car and sitting there for another 10 minutes I gathered enough strength to continue on my journey the remaining 5minutes to get home.

    You dont need to assume that someone is drunk just because they're vommiting.
  11. +1 it happened to me too and you do drive extra extra carefully when you are feeling like this let me assure you.
  12. yup same 3 people on the freeway rubbernecking to look at a lotus in the left lane. a beep and a birdie fixed the issue there. :)
  13. What I can't understand is why people can't just get most or all of the xmas shopping done early instead going into this mad rush that literally gets people killed.

    There is a Westfields and Helenvale which I just avoid sooo many idiot in 4 wheel drives. IMMMA KING OF THE ROAD!!

    Being near the gold coast tourists. I just avoid any car I see from a hire company.
  14. I was up at surfers on the weekend (yes was in a hire car) at first I was pleased to see the number of two wheelers out and saw a couple bike hire places that were very tempting. Then saw two bikes on their sides within 200m of each other (seperate incidents) that quickly put an end to that idea.
  15. Chrissie. Time to brighten your year, give pressies, tell people you love em, visit the relo's go on holidays, and kill a total stranger just cos its easy.[/code]
  16. Yeah I noticed this worsening trend within the last week or so, especially so because I work in a shopping centre and see lots of crazy stuff happen there. For that reason I havent been on the bike for the last 7 days
  17. I agree - however... did anyone notice the reduction of cars this morning on the way to work??

  18. We drove down to Melbourne (from Brisbane) for the holidays, and I'm missing my bike very much, particularly when it's time to park for Christmas shopping. (And, in answer to the 'why can't people do it earlier?' question above, in this instance my wife's sister suddenly announced a month ago that she was getting married in Melbourne, so we had to come down and then buy presents for various of the gathered family. For some it's slackness, but I'm sure others have stories too.)

    Nearly got taken out in the cage yesterday by someone unwrapping a kebab while driving, as we were moving around a 3-car shunt, probably occasioned by something similar. So yeah, I do think people are even worse than usual at driving around this time of year. Add that to a bunch of parties that'll definitely increase the amount of drunks on the road...

    And it's definitely a case of 'be careful out there' - particularly those of you who still get to ride.

    (Only 5 sleeps 'til I get to ride again. ;))
  19. I would say there are more people out on the roads, cause people drive to visit others (may not drive much throughout the year) so not used it, similar to bike riders who only ride when its warm.

    Also people are more stressed at this time of year "will I get fired, will I have enough money to buy presents, dam it the thing I wanted to get X no longer exists so have to get something else, what else, oh crap I caused an accident" etc
  20. No :( Frankston was chocka block with last minute shoppers. I was lucky, only needed to circle around twice before I found one. :grin: Now I gotta go move my car again :cry: