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Fewer Motocyclist killed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Did anyone just hear that Triple M news....

    they claim that the motocycle levy, is the reason for fewer bikers deaths, as they can afford to fix blackspots...... well wtf are we paying rego for... isn't that for blackspots and road maintance :?

  2. The main reason for fewer motorcycle deaths is simple.

    Riders are riding better!!!!

    The government has no stake in that result at all. We are policing ourselves, training ourselves better and sharing safe and effective riding tips with each other through forums like this one.

    We're the ones who deserve the pat on the back.
  3. well not according to the news, it has everything to do with the new levy, and it's such a good idea (so they think) that they will be keeping it fo rth enext 2 years (if iu remember the report correctly)

    love the way they take credit for anything good, but blame everyone else if something bad happens
  4. If it's all a matter of the levy being used to fix blackspots, why does the cost fall exclusively on riders?

    This sort of work benefits all road users, not just motorcyclists.
  5. The reality is there is not enough motorcyclists to be making any sort or analysis of crash data. If you look at Victorian fatalities over the last few years then between 2001 and 2004 fatalities were nearly halved down from 62 to 37. However 1999 had even fewer fatalaties (32). So how come the TAC didn't accept blame for the dramatic increase between 99 and 2001? I reckon they're only trying to find support for continuing the levy, had accidents increased they'd probably be looking at trying to increase the amount.
  6. Pardon????

    If the riders are NOT the ones responsible for the reduction in motorcycle fatalities, then who are???

    Please don't tell me the government is, we know they don't give a damn about motorcyclists, in fact they'd be happy if we didn't exist at all.

    Is it car drivers??? Please....don't even consider that.

    Is it the local councils with their dumb road design and poor maintenance?

    So who is responsible???

    WE ARE!!!

    It's not a matter of taking credit when it's good, it's just the reality.
  7. only two certainties in life:

    "DEATH AND TAXES!" less deaths mean more taxes!!

    if that makes no sense to anybody then you get the point

    >>on the aside.....do scooter deaths get included in motorcycle statistics? this may sound stupid but are there fatalities on scooters? i'm sure there are...
  8. Crash stats can be a funny thing. For example Canberra has had a dramatic increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities, up from 2 deaths in 2002-2004 to 4 in this year alone - that's a 400% increase! Surely this means the roads in Canberra have become the most dangerous in the country.
  9. Excellent point. Of course, it's quite the opposite. Canberra's roads are among the best, if not THE best in the country. Guess that means that riders aren't riding as well as they should there (having lived there for over 20 years I can tell you that they don't ride well)

    But the stats being quoted here are for Victoria and relate to the contentious $50 levy.

    I maintain the drop in fatlaities has nothing to do with the levy and everything to do with increased rider awareness.
  10. guys i am not disagring with any of you, i only posted up what they said on the radio....

  11. I don't know if my thread "Who's at fault MOST" impacts on this, but I suspect it does........
    Love the line 'less deaths means more taxes' funny but sad too!!!!!
  12. Hmmm did they quote if that was just the Stats for VIC alone ?

    or Aust wide ? If its Aust wide well the levy is not Aust wide is it now ?

    But i've said it b4 and i'll say it again the stats arnt worth the paper there writen on. There is just too many variables that they either leave out or add to make the "stats" go the way they want too.

    And No 1 they always omit is the steady increase of motorcycle use over the years.

    eg : lets say there was 10,000 M/c rego'd in 1998 with 68 fatalitys
    and in 2005 there is 25,000 M/c rego'd with 68 fatalitys

    all would state is the rate is NOT dropping BUT if you take in the extra usage its dropped on average 75% !!!!

    And i've got way too much time on my hands here at work today :?

    :LOL: :p
  13. We will if you're coming to play skirmish with us :LOL: :LOL:

    On a serious note I wonder how they justified that the levy did lower the statistics...
  14. it was clear to most. :)
  15. don't think they said which state, but they did say it was going to stay for the next 2 years, so i woul dassume it woul donly be the staes with the levy, will wait fo rthe next news bulletin and have another listen
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  19. Skirmish ON motorcycles????

    Could be the start of a new extreme sport!

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