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Few Questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matchstick01, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I just bought a cbr250rr from sumoto and i got a few questions that are worrying me before i go out riding, was wondering if you guys could help.

    What is the best petrol to put in my bike?

    Riding instructor at my Ls day told us not to brake in corners or we will fall off. So what the hell do i do at traffic lights in the middle of the corner?

    Lastly, I've seen a few videos with bikes crashing because of high speed wobble or death wobbles i've heard them called. They scare the shit outta me that its gonna happen to me. I've found on the net heaps of different reas0ons, but most sound like people making up sh*t. Does anyone know the real reason that causes these, and how likely it is to happen?

    Thanks guys, cheers,
  2. unleaded , you set up before you reach the corner , they teach you that in the L's
  3. I was told premium before, but no one said what level

    and setting up before a corner, hows that gonna help me stop at traffic lights mid corner, we were told you only brake in a straight line, and that if something is in front of you, you brake or swerve but not both
  4. Yeah, like ksystemz said, brake BEFORE you go into a corner.. and the high speed 'death wobble' thing, don't concern yourself too much because you'll be obeying the road rules and NOT doing anything HIGH SPEED :)
    Also, about those internet videos of bikers crashing etc, don't obsess too much about those things because 90% of the riders are idiots :LOL:
  5. Yeah, unless you brake to almost a stop and crawl around the corner just in case the light might be red it doesn't really help. The light can easily change orange and red after your into that corner and there is no room for straight line braking.
  6. If you're leaned right over into a corner then sure grabbing a handful of brake is going to be bad - the problem is that if you're using the tyres for braking there's less grip available for cornering. But if you're just going through a wide curve at a slow to moderate pace (ie bike is still essentially upright) then you can brake effectively and corner at the same time - try using only the rear brake at first (not too much though it's easy to lock up), with practice it's possible to use a little front brake too. As for fuel it should be able to run on just ordinary 91 octane unleaded - though personally I'd pay the extra for 95 octane premium since it tends to be "cleaner" and a little more consistent. 98 octane is a waste of money for your bike.
  7. Thanks jd, just what i needed to know :)
  8. Hi and welcome .
    Just stick to the back streets for a week or so ,no traffic lights to worry about.
    By then you will be getting the hang of it ,I know you want to ride to your mates places and show off the new bike ,WE ALL DID ........but just take your time.
  9. for petrol, try and stick to BP or maybe mobil, steer clear of shell and especially caltex, and i get heaps better performance out of 91 RON regular. in sydney, you are not going to find traffic lights on a sharpe corner, its just stupid, and if you do, there will be warning signs to tell you. i dont know about a cbr, but i have found my vtr very forgiving in corners with using too much brake or throttle, just back off whatever you are applying and bring the bike slightly back up and you'll find your rear again. it scared the shit out of me when i slid when accelerating too hard out of a round about, i'd heard of people doing that on 600's, didnt think i could manage it on a 2fiddy.
    i'd be far more concerned about being friggin paranoid about every other driver and how they are going to try and screw you over, and watching out for shit surfaces, sydney is really bad for oil and deisel spills and gravel, and you can loose traction ridiculously easily even at slow speeds if you hit this crap.
    good luck on the cbr mate, they are a really nice bike.
  10. Mate if you are really that unsure about what you are supposed to be doing...go back to the instructor who taught you and have him show and explain the corner technique to you again.

    He will probably suggest that you come back at the end of the day for half an hour or so.
    I doubt that he will charge you.
    You paid THEM to teach YOU, if you have not been able to grasp what they taught, I see that as a failing on their part.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.