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Few Questions, ZZR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by josh_182, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, new member from Tassie :). Wanna get a bike soon and I'm lookin at a CBR250rr or a ZZR250, I've heard that the ZZR is quite comfortable compared to the CBR is it true that it is quite comfortable? The other question is my mate thinks that his toyota corolla lol could beat me at the lights on a bike. How good r ZZr250's of the mark, would they out do most cars over say 200m from a stopped start? Another thing anyone else from Tassie? Thanx in advance to anyone who replies, Josh.

  2. Comfort always depends on your body shape, but most would agree the ZZR is more comfortable than CBR, it has a much more upright "touring" riding position where CBR is sports.

    Yes it should be faster than most normal cars, not the 4WD turbo ones and stuff, but a Carolla yeah it will beat it for the first 200m.
    Just rev it at 10,000RPM off the line and use the clutch to regulate power until its all the way out and it will take off like a little rocket (for the first 100m at least)
  3. In terms of ergonomics for a taller bloke the ZZR will be alittle more accomodating as it is a physically larger bike with a more upright riding position. However, make no mistakes, 2 hours straight in a ZZR seat will have your arse calling blood murder and begging for you too stop.

    In terms of performance they are average for a 250. They will beat nearly all n/a 4's and most V6's (except performance 6's) and some older V8's. You will most certainly beat your mates corolla up to 100km/h, however, he may get you over the first 20m. I raced my mate in his parents VZ V6 commonwhore on private road which was situated on private land and just happened to have a sealed road, with lane markings and traffic lights (how convenient)....anyway, up to 125km/h (the point at which i backed off) i had about a 1.5 bike lengths lead on him and that was with a shitty start.....that commonwhore would most certainly flog your mates corolla (again, unless decent engine mods) up to 100km/h and beyond.

    In the end the only way you'll know which bike you find the most comfortable/practical/enjoyable will be to get out there and ride them both. Keep in mind the ZZR is a sports-tourer twin cylinder and the CBR is a supersports Inline - 4 cylinder. They both have totally different engine characteristics and will ride quite differently.
  4. and he should know, 15 hours to Melbourne, wasn't it Josh, and the last 5 in the foulest of wind and rain imaginable.

    Josh (Tassi) if you're a bigger or taller person, the ZZR is the go..... It doesn't sound like a blender on steriods when you wind it up, but you will find it easier to live with on a day-to-day basis. (No disrespect to the CBR owners, OK???)
  5. Height, Weight

    I'm 6'0 and 88 kilo's.
  6. Just go sit on the bikes you like so far, i thought the zzr250 would be the most comfortable, but it just didnt sit right with my leg length. Its easiest to just go check them all, you will find which one is comfortable pretty quickly. Just make sure you get your feet onto the pegs and try some different positions you have to ride in, touching ground, riding etc, its the only way to tell.

    I couldnt even sit on the CBR250RR for 10 minutes before feeling very uncomfortable, but the ZZR was reasonable, and the ZXR/Z2R felt reasonably good, and i am about 6'3", so its hard to tell what will work for each person.
  7. G'day Josh. Welcome to the netrider forums.

    I'm from tassie as well. There are a few of us lurking around on here. I'm also looking for a 2 fiddy and have personally decided against a cbr as I will be riding 1hr to and from work.....have u seen their seat ? (what seat). The zzr is a better choice for my situation. Or even a manbag (Across) . If I wanted something to get up and boogie i'd be getting a 2 stroke.....but with the k's i'll be doing i'll be rebuilding it every few months.

    See ya out on the black stuff.
  8. Im 5'11" and 90kgs, and have found the ZZR to be really comfortable. The longest ride I have done is a little over two hours straight and have no sorness.
    No were near the power etc as the CBR but no where near as expensive either.
    Of course just go and sit on them and you will know.

    Your mate in the corrolla is dreaming, the ZZR will kick his butt. :grin: :grin:
  9. Hi Josh, your almost my exact size. I went through the process of finding a bike a few months ago, and eventually settled on a ZZR. I found the seat much more comfortable than the CBR, and the bike seemed to fit my size better.
    I fairly often go for rides of up to hour and a half, sometimes even a couple of hours. After that amount of time, I'm not too uncomfortable while on the bike, but it takes a couple of minutes after I get off for my legs to wake up again so I can walk properly...
    Another thing in favour of the ZZR is that you will be able to pick up a newer bike for a cheaper price than the CZBR.