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Few questions in a long post!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Calculus, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Hey all! I live in W.A. and just recently got my restricted licence! Getting the licence was one of the best things I have ever done.

    I just spent the last hour or two browsing through the vast information available on these boards...

    Basically I am looking at a number of =<250cc bikes such as the GPX250, CBR250RR, NSR150SP, VTR250, FZR250, Suzuki Across and so on... I won't go into the 2stroke/4stroke debate... I think I would personally prefer a 4stroke myself from the stuff that I have read here and elsewhere... but that NSR looks tasty.

    Before I ask a few questions here is a few things I will be using the bike for:
    - I go to uni, so I will be commuting with the bike there 5 times a week, ~50km trip there and back home,
    - Fun rides with friends and such.. never been on one so I don't really know what to expect!
    - Getting around everywhere else... not planning on doing any hardcore touring or anything like that but perhaps a few day long rides somewhere

    A couple of questions

    1) I live in W.A. and so far have not been able to come across a CBR250RR that is under 6000 bucks and in average condition! All the CBRs seem to be over east! This is the main bike that I am looking at getting though I don't want to spend more than $5000... so any tips? What about buying and getting a bike shipped over here to W.A. from over east? There are quite a few decent CBRs that are around $4000-$4500... thoughts appreciated.

    2) What sort of mileage can I expect from these bikes just going to uni and back

    3) Will these bikes cope well with trips on the freeway (the NSR150 probably not so well)

    While I am writing this post I also want to ask this question even though it should probably be in a different thread...

    I have organised to go buy some gear with a few friends tomorrow, like a helmet and jacket and such... we looked at the stuff we wanted last week and I am basically aiming to spend $1000 or less on all the stuff.

    So here is what I was thinking
    Helmet: Nitro N800V... $300 or so... maybe $250 with the discount.
    Jacket: Alpinestars Textile...$500... perhaps $400 with a discount
    Jeans: Draggin' Jeans... ~$200

    I think I will be able to afford to buy gloves with the left over money... maybe even some boots.

    The Nitro fits my head the best but is obviously of lower quality than the $500 AGV's I was originally looking at! I was hoping if any of you would be able to comment on the Nitro's venting as I haven't been able to test it on a bike! What about the visor sealing, does it seal well? And what is a wind deflector?

    So basically to sum it all up I want to buy a CBR250RR (and probably planning to keep it up to two years) but there just does not seem to be many over here at a good price or in good shape! Comments on the Nitro helmet venting and visor seal are appreciated! Oh and one more thing are the textile jackets waterproof? Haha, stupid question but I really don't know ;).

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Sorry for the long post as I do not have a pc with internet access at home at the moment so I thought it would be best to just cover it here in one post!
  2. bike

    The CBR250RR is a very good bike.
    Keep your options open though.
    Go down to Victoria Park and go and see all the bike dealers there. Sit on (or test ride) as many different types of bikes you can.
    I reckon the VTR250 is a bloody great bike, as is the Honda Hornet 250 (same engine as the CBR250).
    Many importers here in Melbourne (eg. Sumoto) can freight a bike to you with minimal fuss. They sell tonnes of Hornets, Bandits and CBR's there. Make sure you negotiate HARD, as they can be quite expensive.
    Have you looked on tradingpost.com.au, bikepoint.com.au or bikesales.com.au?
    If your on the freeway alot, i'd personally reccomend an inline 4 (better top end) as opposed to a V twin.
    I'm being extra nice to you because i used to live in Yokine!
    Daz. :wink:
  3. By the sounds of things... perhaps consider 2 week bike buying holiday to Melbourne or Sydney.

    If you want a CBRRRRRR but don't want the a##hole tax that comes along with them (or the ZXR250), have a look at the Yammy FZR's. On the whole their atleast $1k cheaper than the equivalent CBR-RR, but will more than easily keep pace.

    I think the best advice is don't go spending $5k+ on a learner bike; yes your going to keep it for a while, but it's highly likely it's going to be dropped, battered, abused, beaten, trampled... etc etc. Start with $3500 in mind... and work from there.

    "I think i will be able to afford gloves" is not an option; Gloves are mandatory. I like my fingers, they come in handy; i assume you like yours aswell. Buy gloves.
    Boots are also important, but i guess you could get away with some sturdy padded hiking boots for a while. Decent boots are only $200 (non bling racing A* ones).
    Perhaps consider re-arranging the budget slightly and getting a different jacket, as for $500 you could get an Rjay's leather jacket. Actually, for a little more than the $700 already budgeted you could get a 2-piece underdog leathers set! Shop around, there's good gear without an Alpinestar logo on it. ;)

    edit: Some/most of the textile jackets i would refer to as shower proof, some are rain proof, few are hurricane proof. Far better off buying a michelan man wet weather suit.
  4. The NSR can handle the freeway. The rider might not if it's more than a few ks

    Boots and Gloves. If you have to, skimp a bit on the helmet and jacket. You can get a good textile jacket for $300 if you look around.

    I don't always wear my draggin's and I've been known to ride without a proper jacket on occasions, but I never venture out on the bike without good boots and gloves.
  5. First things first: Welcome.

    To reiterate and emphasise - you need gloves! Your hands are likely to be the first things to hit the ground (instinctive to put your hands out to break a fall) so protect them!

    And re: textile jackets, check out Dririder as well. Mine has stood up really well in the wet. In fact, I just got another one yesterday for the summer.

    If you are talking about what I think you're talking about, a wind deflector is the way the helmet is designed to make it somewhat mroe aerodynamic. You might notice it when you turn your head when going at a decent speed to check your blind spot, etc.

    I can't vouch for some of the bikes you mentioned but I've got a VTR and I think it's the goods. The CBRs are a lot of fun as well particularly on the twisties. But if you're looking to commute a fair bit (50kms a day?), something more upright might be the go - like the VTR. It's good for getting around and enough fun for the social rides.

    Anyway, welcome to the world of riding. Hope it all works out.
  6. Righto, lets get the ball rolling.

    I don't think I need to mention anything about the gloves, everybody has already drummed that into ya!

    I do agree with koma on the choice of protection gear. Seriously, Alpinestars is very expensive stuff and if your just entering the world of bikes, it might be a bit of a overkill. But if thats where you want your money to go, so be it.

    I myself have a Nitro helmet. Mine is the N510-V and it's not the bottom of the range but pretty darn close to it. RRP is about $180.00 and its has all the features I am after. Has a good visor seal, good ventilation ect. Mind you, I just invested in a tinted visor ($30 with a discount) which has made a world of difference during the day. By wind deflection, i'm guessing you mean how still it will keep your head at high speeds? Its not too bad but I still get blown about a bit on the highway. I much prefer my mates KBC helmet but it is worth over $500 so its certainly a case of you get what you pay for.

    As far as bikes go, the CBR250RR is a great bike but if your after something for commuting to and from uni (just like myself :D) and the occasional twisty ride with your mates, then I would go for something a little less race like. Also a naked bike is a great starter bike!! Bikes get dropped, simple as that. I have dropped mine doing silly things like not judging a U-turn ect. Luckly my bike is naked so no damage was done to anything other than to my pride. A full fairing bike would come out worse in the same situation.

    Keep your options open, talk your way down to a good price, don't skimp on saftey gear and most importantly off all.....have fun!

  7. Hey all!

    Thanks for your tips! When I said I might be able to afford gloves I knew I had to buy them, haha, when I ride mountainbikes I know how much it can hurt to stick bare hands out at low speed, :)! Anyways...

    About the gear I tried on the Nitro a few times as well as the AGV gp pro and I dedided on the Gp Pro, which I should be able to get it at least $450 or so. After wearing it for a while it was the best fit. I haven't purchased a jacket yet... so I will definetely look around for cheaper ones. Any suggestions around the 150-300 dollar mark? Basically all I have so far is a helmet.

    As for the motorbike, I guess you guys are right, the VTRs and Spadas would do the job fine. They'd make better bikes to start on too I suppose. Can anyone tell me about the availability of spare parts for these motorbikes if something breaks down? I think they have the same engine too.

    The spadas are around the $3000 dollar mark which makes them very affordable... I found a second hand Spada 250 in the quokka (trading post) for 2000 dollars with 50,000km... what sort of mielage should I be looking at when buying a first bike.

  8. A well maintained Spada will easily clock over on the k's.

    Mine's got 41,000 clicks on it. 21,000 of those added by me (yep, 16 year old bike, in 2 years I've added more k's than it did in 14 years). She's still going strong (and that's after being dropped numerous times :) )

    I wouldn't believe the grey import Spada odo's.
  9. why doesnt the FZR come with the asshole tax :D

    i felt they werent treated very well .. the ones that i saw
  10. Welcome maths man.

    Having lived in Perth I'd probably go the VTR or spada, or an older style (e.g gsx250).

    Perths pretty flat, other than Kalmunda and the crotch rockets would be a pain. literally.

    I'm not a fan of them, particully at 250cc, but have you considered cruiser style bikes?

    Maybe the Suzuki thingy, because it's fully faired as well as being less racy and it would be better suited to a 50k trip.
  11. Hey - if you know roughly what you're measurements are for jackets you should look at ebay. They have some great deals on there with decent looking jackets. I bought my jacket off of their - its similar to a Dririder but a cheapo brand. It works beautifully and has the full removable lining, and armour etc and I only paid $120.00
  12. Firstly, welcome.

    Secondly, GET GLOVES! Imagine what it would feel like to grind about 5mm off the palms of your hands and then ask yourself if it's worth $100 to avoid this problem.

    Thirdly, the NSR is a good bike and well maintained it would do those sort of ks. You however will be in need of regular chiro. Great for the track day but unless you're a jockey I wouldn't buy one as a commuter.

    Personally I'd look at the VTR, GPX and Across as well as the Bandit and Spada.
  13. zzr250? you seem to like faired bikes (cbrrrrrrr) but can't afford their stupid (imo) price tag. comfy ride position for the commute to uni, large fuel tank, gooood price, and sexy :D
  14. i DO like the yellow spadas, quite sexy...
  15. I learnt to ride on a CB250, single cylincer 250cc bike, didn't really like the power of that so I am looking for something a bit quicker off the line so I can get away from all them cages at the traffic lights!

    Grey imports seem like a gamble if you don't really know what the bike has been clocking up... ahh... the 250cc world is so confusing!
  16. The biggest thing to consider when looking at grey imports such as the Spada is that most are usually around 15 years old so problems can still occur even if the mileage is low. Having said that if you can find one that's been in the country for a while and been serviced regularly then there shouldn't be too many nasty surprises.
  17. Couple of points

    yep zzr-250 are getting better value and they are not as complex at the 4's. Also not a grey import

    Add gpx, which is even cheaper.

    Both will be better mid-distance bikes then the cbr

    Across was the Suzuki I was trying to remember. Once again not all grey imports

    And not all the spada's were grey imports.

    Personally i'd opt for the gpx-250

    Simpler and fun to ride. Good untill you can get a bigger bike
  18. I will keep my answer quick and simple.

    go the Across
    i had one
    had 40,000 kms on it and i rode it every day and in 16 months added another 52000 and it was still going strong. , great bike , bullet proof if looked after , they have a helmet storage area thats great for putting stuff in.
    reliable , a little heavier on the juice , but a very forgiving bike to ride, heavier than the others , but it helps with the weight factor when upgradeeing getting used to heavier bikes.

    welcome to the site
  19. What sort of mileage can I expect from:

    GPX - though I don't really like the single cylinder...

  20. check out scorpion leathers - jackets are $250 new (admittedly they're not waterproof but how much does it rain these days? :LOL: )