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few questions about RWC and Yama Zeal (FZX250)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rvpkash, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just got my L's in the last week and have seen a few bikes and seem to be pretty set on a '99 zeal. I've looked on the forum and only found a handful of threads on it,

    - Is it difficult to find parts for?

    I also read that they can have dodgey front forks leaking etc will a RWC pick this up or will i need to get a mechanic to look at it?


  2. inb4 moderator spazs out about General Discussion dumping.
  3. forks are a pain to change, unless you have a front stand. you could do it yourself if you are pretty handy, but id recommend having someone around who knows their stuff to watch over you.

    ebay and wreckers can always help, especially with learner bikes.. go to www.findapart.com.au if you want a quick response from wreckers around australia for a part you need
  4. i wasn't sure where else to post this question..

    but its a bit of a moot point, picked up the '99 zeal (forks looked bang on, but i had just read stuff in the forum) in very good nick, probably the cleanest 250 i saw with ~24XXXkm on it for $2100 with rwc

    thanks for the turbo link... maybe i wont be in a rush to sell this and 'upgrade' bikes too soon\\:D/