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few questions about lane spilling to lights

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Filo01, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. riding inbetween the cars to the front of the line & the lights turn green, what should i be doing? keep riding on the middle of the lane till a space opens up?

    after lane spilling to the front of the lights, should i try to position myself infront of a car? or sit in the middle of the lanes?

    is it called lane spilling or splitting?

    i normally don't lane spill till the motorbike warms up, but how many poeple really try to gun it when the lights turn green? is it just me feeling paranoid about the cars ramming my ass

  2. ok, firstly I think the terminology in this situation is lane filtering.

    When you get to the front, you need to pull in front of the cars. That is the safest spot to eliminate the cars trying to race you off at the lights.

    If the lights change before you get to the front, then you should be using the power of the bike to get into the gaps as quick as possible. I find that the gaps open up really quick.

    Steady throttle all the way and get away from the cars as quickly as possible.
  3. Pretty sure it's splitting, and I would definately get away promptly once you're at the front of the grid...that's why you're doing it in the first place right cause you're in a hurry or something? Otherwise you'd be waiting in line like a good person. You don't really have an excuse not to, no crap on the seat beside you to fool around with, no radio to muck around with, should just be there to go. Take off promptly and ease into one lane or the other. But yeah ease in front of one of the cars so they're not tempted to go you.

    I'm going to check out the road rules, but I think it's illegal, though I see bike coppers doing it all the time on thier beamers.

    I only do it when the cars are fully stopped and not rolling slowly (so there's no chance of being cut on) and only then when it's going to save a change of the lights wait. Otherwise I'm a good person :)
  4. I call it filtering.

    I normally filter to the front and pull slightly in front of the car to my right or out in front if another bike is coming up behind me. If another bike is coming up behind ensure he has enough room to get in front to the left too.

    Once I'm up front I drop it in to neutral and keep an eye on the traffic lights waiting for the free moving traffic to go orange then I drop it in gear ready to go on green.

    I do it for two reasons - When going to and from work to ensure I always get the light for a quick trip and to ensure I'm not at the end of the line waiting for a rear ender.
  5. If the cars start to leave before you've made it to the front, DO NOT be tempted to blast out ahead of them into the intersection.
    Someone running a red will eat you for brekky.
    You filter stopped traffic.
    You split moving traffic.

    Don't be afraid to split the last bit of traffic if you have to, it's not as dangerous as they say.
  6. I usually try to get in front of the car at the front, in the pedestrian crossing part. If I'm in the middle I'll just gun it.
  7. Lane spilling is where you try to either split or filter traffic and fall off, then a car runs over your leg. :shock:
  8. rofl, i'm gona get full comp next week, i can smell a crash

    btw, that tread you had about the scooter & your mate was a really good read, I think you mate craig did the right thing maning up & asking for the cash from his old folks, though you should have given him a freaking drop kick to the head for crashing it lol, mate did the same thing to my mr2, he payed full 500$ for the dmgs, old folks didn't want to give him the cash as well, he took out a loan
  9. If the light go green before you got there, then you made a mistake and put yourself in jeapardy. Keep your eyes on the lights and if you see them changing, then pull in behind a car that is in the line, and wait for it to move off. Do not try to beat the cars to the front...

    If you get to the front cleanly, then move to the centre of the lane to guard yourself against one of the cagers trying to retake your space. Do not sit between the two lead cars.
    (Moving over to the front of either car, also frees up that filter, to allow other bikes to come up and join you for the big social event, of bagging it and leaving the cars behind with fellow riders)...bewdie! :)
  10. From what I have been told by various people that have been riding a lot longer than I have Lane Splitting is riding between cars that are already moving and yes its dangerous/risky as there is a big chance of being cut in on. I believe some states its illegal and enforced and some its not.

    Filtering is when you ride to the front of a line of stationary vehicles eg Traffic lights on red.and as above in some states its illegal and enforced.

    If you cant get to the front safely pick a safe gap to sit in/alongside and when the traffic moves drop in it but always be aware of where everyone is.

    Watch other drivers and passengers as I had an instance a while ago when a passenger in the right hand lane opened the door, luckily I was travelling real slow and watching for movement.

    When at the front there is not really a need to gun it but you must make sure your quicker than the car behind.I have had a few wan*&%s try to race me so I just indicate and drop in a gap immediately.

    I have also been told that to move past/overtake/when filtering or splitting,it must be done on the right hand side of the other vehicle and indicators must be used and never should the solid white centre line be crossed (told to me by a traffic cop once) I would hope he wasnt telling me porkies.
  11. Yeah that story wasnt too bad haha, I have to do one on my Q-Ride lessons not as epic but still quite an experience... Oh yeah it did take a bit of wrangling to get money from one of Chris's parents. Ouch ur mate taking out a loan yeah that sucks bigtime.

    Chris was pretty traumatised. I did swear a bit, but then I just thought "hey its already done, lets just clear this up right now". Yeah lol he cried later too which I mentioned in the story haha, poor guy. He said sorry a few more times. And the scooter employer/boss, was an utter madman, his eyes were poking out of his head, he went all red, starting spitting when he talked cause he was so angry.

    Then at one of my mates 18th's he said sorry again this was like couple of months later. Craig now lives in Perth, god bless him for teaching me the bloody hard way, not to lend out your bike for a "turn".
  12. :LOL: I'd like to add a few more...
    Lane clipping - rider oblivious to bike width so charges through split, knocking off mirrors as he/she rides.
    Lane splatting - ewwww... let's not go there.
    Lane $hitting - noob splitting or filtering for the first time, realising how much they need to take in to do it safely, resulting in much stress :grin:

    Before moving across the front car to block them and claim the lane, make sure your light will remain red long enough to do so. Otherwise you might get caught part way across when the car takes off. For this reason I also leave a nice gap before I pull in front. I've had a car anticipate the lights and get me on the side as I was in the above situation. So, nice big gap so you've got that extra bit of space/time to bag it if you misjudged how long you had. As long as you're not blocking traffic from any other direction, don't worry about being over the line.

    If I think I don't have time to claim a lane, I'll continue slow riding in the split further forwards than the front cars. That gives me advantage to bag it when the light's green so I can then indicate and claim a lane. NOTE: Always check for red-light runners from the other direction before taking off.

    If I've commited to the split but can't make it to the front before the light's green (I've misjudged, or line of cars was rediculously long) I'll pull in between cars. To get in:
    * I'll just pull in because the car behind was slow and there's a nice space;
    * right before pulling into a gap that's not quite a gap, yet the cars have started to move, I'll pause in the split, hold my arm out pointing to the gap to TELL the cager that's where I'm going to go. Once they've eased off I'll drop in. If they don't ease off I'll go for my backup plan (always have a backup). Anyone who lets me in, I like to encourage good behaviour, so I give them a thankyou wave; or
    * if the traffic is at a standstill, I'll stop level with a gap I'd like to take when it opens up, make eye contact with the driver behind, and use hand signals (pointing, wave thanks, stop etc) to make the driver aware of what you are going to do. Depending on how you're feeling you can do this to ask permission or to simply order them to give you space - as long as you make it crystal clear. If the cager makes it clear they're not going to give you the space, let them have it and find an alternative.
  13. nice replys some good reading

    just wandering has anyone been flashed for running a red, just by sitting to far into the pedestrian lane?
  14. on some sydney intersections there is a dedicated bike lane, so if i can find one of these i use it instead.
  15. No. I know of cars that stopped too far over the line and got flashed, but because they didn't cross the intersection they didn't receive a fine. It kept flashing until they reversed, so it would be pretty obvious to contest anyway.
  16. Filtering is passing stationary cars on the right, but still in there lane
    Spliting is overtaking moving cars on the right but still in there lane

    Never pass on the left as you will get booked, on the right is ok by some policeman as long as you have your indicator on....then again a traffic cop short on his daily quota will book you anyway.

    Most states don't have a specific law saying you can't filter/spilt but there is a couple that do, so be careful. Also you mightn't get booked for spliting/filtering but you can get booked for overtaking (if you cross a line, wheather doted or not) without indicators, or if you pass between 2 cars you can get booked for overtaking on the left.

    If in doubt don't do it.
  17. Move to Tassie. Hardly ever enough traffic to split or filter and when there is the chances are good it's an accident and who wants to get to those first? :(
  18. +1 Pinkxie.

    Filo, are your questions answered? :-k

    Cariad - I'd move to tassie for the roads and sensible policing... if it wasn't so far away from everything...
  19. I'll just add, don't filter till you are totally comfortable with it, and don't do anything you aren't comfortable with. If that means occasionaly sitting in a queue, do it. Gives you time to watch others filter and get a feel for it anyway.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. lol, yah they are cariad, people just like to add there little bit, more the better i say