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Few Q's about supermotos

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by grey342, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hey all, a few days ago I got a sudden urge to want a motard and since then have been looking on the interwebs to gather as much information about them as I possibly can.

    I'll be using it on the road as an every day commuter but also on the weekends for a nice blast through the twisty's.

    just in case this helps, I'm about 5ft 6, maybe 7, and weigh about, 60kg.

    I'm looking for a 400/450, and obviously 4 stroke haha

    Now anyway I was just wondering how I should go about this process, I won't be getting anything until around next year so no rush.

    I've seen the DRZ400 come up a lot, but I've also got my eyes set on the WR400F and just do a conversion on it, I know they both weigh nothing but since I'm so short i'd like to keep the weight down as much as possible since I don't know how much of my foot ill be able to plant on the ground. XD

    Any tips would be appreciated mainly pros/cons in regards to the different bikes, ktm/huskies, etc.

    I'd feel getting an enduro and converting it would be better for me, to get to know the bike, and be able to choose the rims and tyres I want.

    last question, and sorry for how poorly laid out this is I'm tired as fuark... anyway, worst case scenario would be that I'm a tad too short, would I need lowering links and maybe a new seat or are there other methods of making it a bit shorter?

    anyways thanks guys n gals, can't wait to start saving and have a whole new learning curve ahead of me!
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  2. With supermotos you need to weigh performance vs maintenance. If a WR400 is like a WR450, they're pretty highly strung, frequent oil changes and valve checks, maybe 10,000km out of a piston.

    If I were you, I'd get a DRZ400E, and convert it to a SM, they have a better carbie than the SM model though the forks are a bit ugly. You can either get expensive spoked rims from Excel or whoever, or you can do it cheap with CBR250RR or VTR250 wheels. Other good daily rider tards are the TE610, XT660, KTM 640 LC4 and Husky 450SMR .

    Also tards don't like sitting in traffic, they get hot and need air going through them, at least mine does. And yeah, im 6 foot and I can't put both my feet on the ground, I just lean it over and use my left leg at the lights.

  3. cheers for the reply, complete mind black I meant the WR450 haha, good to know about the maintenance! I'll still keep it on my list but I've taken everything you've said on board. :) Do you know if the husky 450SMR has decent service intervals? i've seen a few on bike sales, although not many at all but they'd be in the price range, but i've heard mixed things about its intervals! if you don't know it's fine! :)

    I watched a vid of a guy on a DRZ400SM and he had the same build/weight as me and got on it no problem so I'm not worried about height anymore :D anyways thanks again for the reply, I should probably get some sleep haha.
  4. The husky has better service intervals by my recolection, I am sure if you google smr450 service intervals or smr450 owners manual you can find the intervals. That is the best way to get the info.

    I see a lot of smr coming up for sale under $5k which seems cheaper than any conversion to a wr that you would do yourself by a lot
  5. The service intervals on huskies are 5k km for oil and filter. It is a bmw g450x engine afterall. The SMR449 is a excellent buy at the moment with excellent quality equipment


    2011 but excellent price for a demo. They are $10495 ride away for new


    Download for factory manual. Shows service intervals. Ignore the error. The valves are inspected at 10000km not 1000km
  6. That is a good price for that demo, that's less than DRZs are going for I think for a much better bike.
  7. And you get a 6 speed box
  8. Better off getting the 511 if you can. Also you will need to change oil ~500km plus filter every change or every second change depending on how it looks.
  9. Check the husqvarna service pdf I posted first oil change is at 1000km then every 5000 after that. I'm more inclined to follow the service manual than some hobo on the interwebs
  10. Good luck if you change the oil every 5000 k's. From memory the service intervals are 1000km and then 5000km.
    However oil changes are every 1000. But that is for road riding / commuting only. But if riding it hard you will need to change it more plus it doesn't hold the full amount of oil.
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  11. Short service intervals suck, I had a SXV550 a few years ago that I never wanted to ride because I didn't want to have to be changing the oil all the time, it gets real old. 5000kms is ok, Less than 3000 sucks donkey balls. I am glad it was not my only bike at that time.
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  12. Seriously again? Read the official pdf. Standard use oil changes on am SMR 449 is initially every 1000km then every 5000km after that

    Exactly what is in the pdf I posted. That is official husqvarna maintenance. Obviously if racing the thing you'd want to service more regularly. But then again if you're racing it you've got no warranty either. If you service a bike to the maintenance schedule there is no come back on warranty. If you are wanting more oil changes then feel free.

    The column after the 5000km one is supposed to be 10000km so expect valve clearance check at 10000km and possible rebuild if out of spec
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    Going by the manual you should also check valves every 1000km.
    From my experience with the 511 you will want to change at around 500km.
    If you are interested in getting one check out cafe husky theres heaps of info on there. Mainly about the TE models but they use the same engine so its interchangeable.

    Also should say that this is when running with the race map jumper that comes with the bike. It comes restricted from the factory to ~20hp. With race map and after market header and exhaust its closer to 50hp.

  14. That does look good! And thanks for all the info I had a feeling I'd be hearing from you as soon as huskies where mentioned hehe.

    Those service intervals seem fair, and If all goes well I'll have a motorbike mechanic apprenticeship in a month or two.

    I feel a bit silly not adding a budget... Would the older huskies be similar with service intervals? 05 being the oldest i'd go with any motard/enduro as I've seen a few of the 05 huskies for 4-5 grand and the WR's for similar.

    I'd Love to get a newer model but I don't think I'll be able to fork out that sort of cash yet.

    As of now I'm considering from everything I've read up here, and online, it'd be a yammy a husky or a KTM and unfortunately more likely an older model around 4-5 grand if im lucky.

    I also have no problem slowly building it up if it's stock so full exhaust/air filters all the good stuff to give it the nice power increase from what i've heard it sounds like a lot of them are restricted or have restricted exhausts due to less airflow?

    Anyway cheers for the replies ill get the service manual n have a squizz and do more husky research if i can!
  15. All the single cylinder motards are lams.

  16. Oh okay, learn something new everyday ;D thanks

  17. gotta stop linking me all these husky, ill buy one then buy a husky dog and probably paint my room red white and black baha

    Makes sense, ah fun who'd want that? >.>