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Few pix from AusGP_08 Qualifying (wet track )

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Ratbag, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. The rain set in on todays MotoGP qualifying ( Fri 3rd Oct ), but from the sidelines, it doesnt seem to slow these guys down.
    Pics were taken between turn 11 and 12.


    Cheers, ratty
  2. nice pics :)
  3. Your pics aren't getting any worse Ratty :)

    Nice shots. And they were doing 38's at the end of FP2. In the wet. :shock:
  4. Ratty's photographic prowess is near the top of the Hornet 'Great Stuff that Other People have that I'd Like To Have' list :LOL:
  5. Great photos! :)

    Love the little power wheelie.
  6. Nice work, Paul. Not that I'd expect anything less from you :)
  7. Will you be heading down Pinxie?

    It's always best to be there on the qualifying days, you get better positions to photograph, but i didnt want to leave the safety of the trees behind me near turn 11 :)
    I was getting wet with the light rain already and would have made a mad dash back to the tree cover if it came down harder.
    The guy next to me was missing heaps of shots, he didnt want to get his camera wet and the look on his face while staring at mine getting wet was pretty funny. I should have taken a shot of his face :LOL:

    Cheers, ratty
  8. Yep - John and I are going tomorrow morning...

    I wish you did!
  9. A few more from Friday qualifying, did anyone get any from race day?
    I didn't go, i watched the race on tv :)
    Shot @ 800 ISO, hence the grain in the images.

    Predrosa in front of Lorenzo

    Hayden under power........


    Hopkin's usual style.........

    Another of the AusGP_08 Winner GO!!! STONER
  10. Nice photos there :)
  11. Exceptional Photos Paul !!!!!
  12. These guys are fcuking amazing in the wet. Great shots mate.
  13. If you stand by the side of the track and listen to them, especially in the wet, the engines sound like they are missing bigtime.
    It's the traction control cutting the ignition or fuel injection constantly through the corners.
    It kinda makes you think how much slower they would ride those corners without the electronic aids.

  14. i hate you people with good cameras :)