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Few pics - 2012 Street Triple R - White

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by spruce, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Took a few shots of my bike the other day. Was trying to get a shot of the pearl in the paint whilst being hit by sunlight, however conditions were not playing ball.

    Have obviously touched these up, tell me what you think. As always, criticism is appreciated and accepted.



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  2. Bit small and although I can see where you were going with the processing it looks a little over done to me. Need bigger versions!

    Lovely bike though! ;)
  3. I was worried they were overdone too, but was just playing around with some new plug-ins I installed.

    I had lost my imageshack username and used flickr instead, hence the size. Will fix now with bigger ones!
  4. Nice one Spruce,

  5. Yeah that's the clear/integrated tail lights. Came with the bike when I got it. Not sure how legal it is though!

    Baffles are out, it's bloody loud!
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  6. Same as mine except for the exhaust
  7. Best bike in the best colour...

    Do you mind if I ask which tail tidy you have on there?
  8. Not sure Bling, bike was purchased with it already on. Could be a competition werkes? But not 100% sure.
  9. Yep that's a comp werkes!
    Nice ride. Had 2 Streetys myself before the Speed
  10. nice...any shots of street triples are good shots... try out different light maybe overcast or night shots? a dark background or sky could look good against the paint too... take more shots and post em up...
  11. i supose you get a free pass when your mates pull you over?i like the last shot
  12. I am not a police officer anymore. I got stabbed and could not recover from my injuries to a acceptable level.

    Thanks for the feedback on the photo.
  13. shit sorry to here that,was it in the line of duty? i hope they got the prick. good luck with your recovery
  14. Veeerry noice @Spruce. Mine is also in the same colour. Matches my bicycle. :LOL:

    Am looking to get rid of the stocks and replace it with the Arrow lowboy 3 in 1in the next month or so.
  15. its beautiful
  16. I like it. Looks pro to me. Hope they got the karnt that stabbed you.
  17. Hope you recover from your injury, can't even imagine how it'd feel to get stabbed... and I do fencing.

    The last photo is my favourite, the second least favourite - a little too busy, not sure what you're trying to show off in it (maybe make the brakes pop out a bit more, but they're out of focus).

    The first photo is good, too. Shows off the bike lines and the contrast between the black tyre and the pearly tank.