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Few people gear up!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by knight76, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I do not have my license yet but will be rectifying this soon.

    I have done a lot of driving over the last week and have been paying particular attention to the riding gear bike riders have been wearing.

    Very, very few riders I saw had any sort of protection at all, probably in the order of only %10. Other than a helmet which they have to wear!

    Of those that had riding gear, riding jackets were often all they had on. No gloves, no riding pants unless the abundance of denim I saw were all dragins. I don't recall seeing a single rider with proper boots.

    Now I am allowing at least 1200 bucks to cover my riding gear alone as if I come off I want to be as protected as possible. But some of what the riders I spotted wearing was down right idiotic.

    For instance.

    I saw a scooter rider wearing short sleeve shirt, shorts and thongs with a helmet. No gloves.

    I also spotted a young female learner rider, with a crop top on and shorts with nice looking shoes, a helmet of course but nothing else.

    It just appears that very few riders take their safety seriously at all. Perhaps there needs to be some legislation of minimum riding gear you must have on at all times. Obviously the helmet is mandatory, but should proper gloves and boots be? What about a minimum level of pants and jacket requirement?

    I'm sure there is a financial impact on third party insurance costs from the medical bills of these riders who are hit by someone.
  2. Hell of a first post....

    Please note not everyone is an accident waiting to happen. Some wear less than "ideal" gear but ride accordingly.

    Great you want to be saftey consious, but maintaining constant alert whilst riding is IMHO more important than droning along wearing all the gear.

    Having said that, will rarely wear shorts, but always gloves.

    ANd just one more question in regards to the following....

    Was she hot :wink:
  3. She wasn't bad at all.

    I think this is in the wrong forum, was meant to go in the riding gear section. Sorry about that.
  4. Meh. People can assess their own risk levels and ride accordingly.

    If we all we wanted to be is safe we wouldn't ride motorcylces.

    Even over my short time on NR this topic has been cover a number of times. (someone is bound to point this out to you at sometime during this thread). There is a poll somewhere or another. Statistics show most people on NR wear gear.

    Personally I wear my gear, but i don't bother with full leathers. others only wear leathers. other's nothing at all. it is just personal perference.

    Also you may not have noticed in your air coditioned car, but on a bike in the middle of the day with gear it can get pretty warm at times. The freedom and the cooling rush of air around your body is a very tempting offer on a hot day.

    However 'm not downing ya. I'm just trying to show ya the flip side of the coin. Personally i reckon you have a good attitude. Gear is good. I always wear my gear...err almost always...

    Also personally i'd agree with you. I think to ride with no gear is well highly not recommended. However i understand why people don't.

    Plus i ride bicycles and i often hit speeds excess of 70km/h and all i've got is a $20 helmet, t shirt and shorts. Does it hurt when i've had offs, oh yeah, dislocated this, road rash that, but coming back to my original point. "meh"
  5. :LOL: I admit i do this a bit when i go to Tosti Cellars or drop some mail in the mail box 1km down my street. Its my decision as i couldn't be stuffed gearing up ready for war. If something happens it happens. But i do my best not to be stupid and keep my eyes peeled for idiots. But its school zone most of the time so its safe.

    I think the Thongs are a BIG NO NO in that list. They can be the cause of an accident if they get caught on something.
  6. Que Sera, Sera. Just ride your own ride, with the level of protection you require. :)

    There is another thread on here to with legislating gear, most view it as a bad idea. The thread is here if you are interested:

    Where are you BTW? If you are in tropical QLD this probably has something to do with it.
  7. You have the right idea. People get caught up in the rush to buy a bike that they don't leave enought for the gear.

    I had a slightly larger budget for gear, but shop around and you should get some good deals.

    As a rough guide,

    - you should be able to find a decent textile jacket with zip out liners, usually thermal and waterproof. Rough guess, less than $300

    - Look at the Dririder range, the RallyXPro pants are decent, hip armour, thigh zip vents and removeable waterproof liner. ~ $200 or less. You might want to look into some motorcross type knee/shinguards to wear underneath for added impact protection.

    - Draggins or Hornee jeans are also a good alternative, bonus being I can wear my knee/shinguards with them as well. Roughly $200 and up

    Gloves are pretty reasonable in prices, try on as many as you can and choose. You can find some good gloves under $100

    - Try on every brand you can find. Hopefully you will be served by someone who knows how to size helmets properly. That said, I bought the first one I tried on, it felt so comfortable and as an added bonus, it was a flip up helmet. $100 and up

    Boots - Can get expensive, but again, DriRider and RJays have some good cheaper boots available. $100 and up, check your local Aldi, you might luck out and get some waterpoof boots for $99
  8. I think there should be some legislation mandating the amount of fat and sugar people have every day - I mean seriously the strain these fatties put on our health system is over the top.... I'll add to that that we should ban smoking, drinking and walking across the road because clearly we are not big and ugly enough to make our own choices and mistakes. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  9. Whilst I take your point I am sure many people said the same thing when seat belts were introduced.
  10. Very true - but I'm not for moving this country into more of a nanny state than it already is - clearly you don't seem to mind being told what to do and how to do it, personally I'd like to make as many decisions for myself as possible. Any way there are about eleventy billion threads with people crying about the lack of gear some people chose to go out on the bike in and others countering with 'WOAH personal choice'. Maybe we should go there to discuss it further.
  11. A scooter went past me last week as I was turning left at a T intersection. He actually went around me as I was turning. You then immediately come to another T intersection where he almost rode onto the centre traffic island to get to the front, and was fully over the white line and the front of the bike was well into the path of traffic. He was on a Burgman or something similar. Anyways, he was riding like there was no tomorrow. 300 metres later, I see him backing his scooter into a car park outside the post office, wearing thongs. I was very tempted to say something, as I was going to the Post Office too, but as they say, you can't legislate against stupidity.
  12. Think of it as natural selection at work :twisted:
  13. This is a great start for your riding life... I too had similar sentiments.... Just a few things from my own newbie experience:

    1. Think hard about what protective gear you get, there's no point buying a whizzbang back protector if it's only gonna protect your wardrobe. So buy what you're actually going to wear. I wear my back protector always.

    2. Consider buying on the internet. Even with the dollar being sh*te it can still be cheaper. I've had personal experience with newenough.com and their closeouts and bargain basement can be amazingly cheap. e.g. bought Goretex riding shoes for the wife delivered for $70 AUD! Be careful about sizing, go into a shop and try similar brands/styles first to know what size you are.

    Ride safe....
  14. Wear what you want and leave the rest of us to wear what we want. :roll: If I choose to wear thongs that is my choice, if you want government legislation to force us all to wear the "right" gear then you are not a biker, motorcycling is as much about freedom as it is about transport. If you see it as transport only then you will never see my point of view. Oh I am an ATGATT rider at the moment but this might change down the track, again my choice and not your's or the governments.
  15. Do a search for the word 'squid' this should show you how much this topic has been done to the death.

    I wear gear most of the time, but sometimes I don't... You know, when I FEEL like it. Come back and talk to us after you've been riding a while and if you tell us you've NEVER had anything less than all the wizzbangery gear on well, you're a liar or a sook. It feels wonderful being out in the open, isn't that why you got out of the cage?

    Oh and, which glove do you put on first? :-w
  16. Don't start THAT again.... :LOL:

    Given you don't specify your location with any accuracy, I may be wrong (Gold Coast, further North??) but I question your "10%" assertion.

    Anyway, it's their skin, not your's; ride and enjoy.
  17. You don't have to worry when you're squidding!
  18. I'm on the Central Coast NSW for those asking. I could care less if you doubt my 10% estimate but that is what I saw.

    Of course I see everyone's point about the gov legislating to the lowest common denominator and the nanny state mentality. But that could be said about every aspect of government. That is why we elect them in the first place, to make the decisions that some might not like but is better for all.

    I am not saying the legislation should say you must wear helmet, leather jacket, leather vest, leather gloves, leather pants, leather socks and leather underwear with proper riding boots but that maybe, thongs for instance, are not a great idea and should be illegal.

    And of course this thread has been discussed before but so has the vast majority of new threads that start up. If we all had that attitude hardly any new topics would be created. But so be it, I shall not post to this thread again to appease the forum government.
  19. Since the original post is obviously a troll, and since you've taken the opportunity for a few free shots at what you don't like, about riders, and this forum, my bet is I shall not post to this thread again to appease the forum government. will be proven untrue.....
  20. Ya kidding?

    So somoene dives straight into the deep end, and takes on a much discussed topic. Sticks around to debate their arguement (hardly free shots) and you call him a troll :roll: