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few more mods

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. when I bought the 109, I suggested I would leave it alone, and not mod it.

    So, rad guard, heated grips, fuel controller, ventura rack, air horns, HID headlights, tacho relocate, license plate relocate, rear guard - shortened, PAIR valve removal, couple of bigass holley intakes, debaffled exhaust, debadged, Braided brake lines, ignition TRE.

    and 30,000 klm of fun later. It is my daily commuter as well as fun bike.

    Never say never.

    How have others gone?
  2. I've added a thin layer of dust all over my C-50... does that count? Aside from that she's still stock standard although I am toying with some possible additions.

    I'm considering the addition of a National Cycles Switchblade 2-up Windshield due to it's ability to be quickly removed or mounted for when I'm going to be having some long rides in the wind. While I was looking at their site I also noticed the Cruiseliner Saddlebags and have fallen in love with the sexy shape of them :) I'm just a little uncertain as to whether they will match the curves of my rear fender nicely or will obscure the lines of the bike and look out of place. Also matching the paint on my bike will be a major PITA which is another consideration.

    So in response, my work on the mod side of things is utterly pathetic next to Peter :)
  3. Shortened stock pipes, National Cycle V-Sheild screen, Cobra Fi2000, TRE, engine bars with kuryakyn highway pegs, kuryakyn pillion boards, Highway Hawk Driver boards (stock pegs on at the moment since I "wore out" the boards), pillion backrest, Ventura Rack, heated grips, throw-over saddle bags, Good Wool Co seat covers

    In the New Year will see Pod filters added, and possibly a riders backrest.

    Just need to sell the Cobra Dragsters I just pulled off.
  4. Added to the C50.

    Cobra driving lights.
    Engine bars.
    Sissy bar and rack.
    K-drive bags.
    modified exhaust (changed baffle).
    Braided brake line.
    Cruisin' comfort sheepskin seat cover.
    Handlebar clock & thermometer.
    K&N air filter

    Not sure if I want to do anymore.
  5. Oh, forgot the mod I use the most!
    Remote garage door opener.

    Mounted on lower side panel, momentary switch from jaycar wired to button, goodies velcroed inside panel. Can find button even with gloves - ahen about 20m from driveway, hit the button, ride straight in!.

    Magic in winter!
  6. 2008 C50
    Boulevarde Saddle Bags
    Sissy bar & rack
    Boulevarde Windshield
    Motoline rear rack bag
    replaced headlight globe with Narva Blue Power Globe (80% more white light)
    Headlight Protector
    Stainless steel Rego holder
    Chrome radiator grill
    Suzuki gel seat
    Showchrome highway bars
    Tank Bra
    Stebel air Horns
    12 volt accessory plug

    and I've 'only just begun'.
  7. I'm in Melbourne and after some accesories for my virago xv250.

    Wheres a good place to look?
  8. And now I have added a custom seat.

    Pics as soon as I fit it
  9. 2009 M90
    Been a slow start for the mods. Trying to save up for an NZ trip in 2011.
    Tank Cover
    GiPro ATRE
    Narva Blue Power bulb
    Air Hawks (rider & pillion)
    Sissybar & Rack

    Next on the list will be
    Engine Guards (somewhere to put the spotlights)
    And I wouldn't mind on of those Uni-Go Trailers. 8-[