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Few little mods for the new bike.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by scotts RR, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    I just upgraded from my little '90 cbr250 to a '00 zx6-r :shock:
    The bike is awesome fun, and has popped a few of my riding cherries :p

    The bike has 34000kms on it, and is stock as a rock. Its the red/black/white stripped theme, and i wanna do a few little things to it, but need to be pointed in the right direction.

    I want to do the following within the next few days

    Hard rear seat cover (rear cowl?)
    yoshi or similar (in carbon)
    black tinted screen
    tank/fuel cap protector (in carbon)

    So is their a good online store that everybody uses??

    I cant really affored the yosi just yet so i was going to drill out a little baffle, but i cant find much info on the negatives (searched and wiki'ed) and whats the difference between the pipes (slip on, bolt on) i,e how are they fitted/work?

    Do all oggy's fit all bikes or do you need model specific?

    sorry for all the noobness, but any help would be great.
  2. Just paint it black, drill the mufflers out and then your bike won't attract homo's.
  3. First thing I suggest you do is seriously consider if you are willing to go through with all the mods you want to do. Doing up a bike can be a very expensive hobbie and I worn you once you start you are hooked.

    Second thing and maybe the most important thing are to find a forum especially for your bike. Here is the Australian forum www.kawariders.com.au/ and for a US site www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum/index.php. This is the best idea because these guys know the best things & parts for your bike and also where to get them.

    Next thing you have to consider is do you want to increase performance, looks or both.

    Have a look and tell me what you think. Like I said these guys can help you more than anyone here can
  4. :roll:

    Don't drill out the stock can. Save it in case you ever have to put it back to stock.

    Just save some $$$ and buy a Yoshi when you can afford it.
  5. No power, i want to keep it stock (apart from the pipe, and thats purley for sound).
    I know mods a addictive....... and costly. I brought my drift car for 6k 2 years ago, it now owes me 40k.
    The bike has plenty of power for a daily and a weekender. I only want to do the mods posted, then spend money on maintaining, handling and upgrading my riding gear.
    Thatnks for the links, i appreciate them.