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Few insurance options for learner on old bike

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by scott.v, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. My bike is hopefully getting registered today and I've been calling insurance companies for a quote on 3rd party fire and theft (F&T).

    I'm not having much luck. I've rung:

    -Insure My Ride, don't insure bikes over 30 y.o
    -Swann, don't insure bikes over 15 y.o
    -AAMI, my bike isn't on their system as a '74, only '77
    -Shannons, Ryno, GIO, don't insure learners
    -NRMA is no good because I'm in VIC
    -Guradian Underwriting don't do bikes anymore

    The few quotes I've got are pricy or not F&T:

    -QBE, $466p.a plus $900 excess (3rd party F&T) If I get a NR membership I can save $23p.a
    -E-bike $956 plus $1000 excess (3rd party F&T)

    And RACV don't do F&T, only 3rd party liability. Their 3rd party insurance is $110 plus $950 excess.

    Is there someone I've missed? I was expecting insurance to be cheap on something this old.

    Another question is how important do you think the F&T component is? I will probably park it at shopping centres from time to time, and it probably wouldn't be too hard to steal because it's light. On the other hand, it wouldn't me as easy to make disappear as a CBR250 and there aren't many around so there's no demand for spares. What do you think?

    Thanks, Scott
  2. I ended up with comp insurance with racv on my first old bike as it wasn't much more than 3rd party. but I'm older with a good driving record. maybe you can wheel and deal with a low agreed value or something?
  3. Hi twistngo. I thought since the RACV 3rd party was so reasonable, the full comp might be as well, but it's $1400.

    The market value is $1500 so I could try going for a lower agreed value and negotiate with QBE. Wouldn't want to be much lower.

    It's a matter of how much F&T is worth to me. At this point I'll go for 3rd party with RACV and carry a D-lock around.