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NSW 'fessing' up for our political lobbyists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Aug 26, 2008.

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    I had a browse of the current AMCN issue last night. In it Boris, typically gives everyone a spray and in particular the MRA (Vic). He targeted political lobbyists.

    While it's typical and to be expected from a guy who edits a soft p0rn rag aimed at knuckle draggers, my interest was piqued about his claim that one of the more prominent lobbyists doesn't own a bike and that unless the guy himself comes forward with this earth shattering confession then he'd name and shame him.

    I wonder who it might be. One guy that I know of recently led a protest driving a (beige) Camry. (Boris is hugely anti-beige at the moment).
  2. I couldn't give a stuff if a lobbyist does or doesn't ride a bike, if they can get the ear of those in power and cogently and effectively put the case for those who do.

    Of course, I've no idea if the bod in question is any good or not, but it doesn't, necessarily, have anything to do with whether he rides or not himself.

    When it comes right down to it, I want someone representing my interests who is good at it. Fcuk ethical purity, I can look for that in my friends. I want to see results.

    And I dunno about here, but in the UK, quite a few bike journos don't own a working bike either :grin: .
  3. yep spot on, there are plenty of fcuking morons who ride bikes who I wouldn't want lobbying the powers that be.
  4. Re: Intrigue, gossip and 'fessing up for our political lobby

    yeah he did give karmouche a spray about the MRA forum and threats he made to some punter on there ( didn't see this so don't know if its true ) and also sprayed the old president too.....

    basically its all about working together. not "feeling the power" as an old canberra licence plate i saw once said.
  5. It would be great to have professional lobbyists going into bat for us. But that costs money, so we're pretty well left with those who do have vested interests in motorcycling - those who ride.

    Now, while there's a great pool of talent out there the problem is convincing them to give up their time for the cause. I suppose that you can argue that we're not exactly getting value for money. But given that we don't pay our currently elected reps and others for their time, I s'pose we can say something like, "well we get what we pay for".

    However, that would be insulting, demeaning, and a tad ungrateful to those in the job. And it raises the age old argument, "if you don't like what our reps are doing, then get off your arse and have a go yourself."

    Invariably that brings out the naysayers who are all for garrotting these people but they in turn never have the answers that we need to be effective lobbyists and to get wins for motorcycling.

    As for Boris' comments, he lives in NSW. They have their own problems up there. I don't see him doing anything to resolve them. No, instead, he attacks what is happening down here in Victoria without having any clue as to what has been happening. And I think that he bases a lot of his commentary on what he's either been told or what he's read in a forum that consists of a few people out of how many Victorian riders? that were in said discussion.

    But then he has a vested interest in writing what he writes. He's a columnist for a national magazine. He writes stories that will sell more magazines, and which will guarantee him a continued income.
  6. So... who is it?
  7. Can anyone think of anything at all that Boris himself has done that improves the lot of motorcyclists? Has he lobbied, organised,... anything? Seriously - I'll accept if he has, but I just can't think of anything.

    (NB, don't suggest that troll-pit of a forum)
  8. Saying that a non rider shouldn’t lobby for riders issues is like suggesting that only women should go on the pink ribbon ride, or that only parents should comment on child molesters…
    A Person who is willing to lobby for a cause that doesn’t effect them shows the ability to think outside there own little box.
    That being said the lobbyist would have to work hard to understand the issues not just a superficial overview of the issues.
  9. Would you be happy for Boris to represent you to the state government?
  10. No one can effectively lobby for motorcyclists as there are so many different views. Even the RACV which represents a huge number of car drivers has today said that we should tax cars that use the roads more! me as a car driver is not happy with that!

    So let Boris go and lobby if he wants.
  11. Broadly that's true. However, if someone who doesn't ride wishes to take up the cudgels on the part of those who do, I wouldn't regard the fact that they don't as automatically disqualifying them or destroying their credibility.

    I agree with FL that a non-rider may have difficulty in understanding at least some of the issues involved. However I wouldn't regard this as inevitable or insurmountable.

    In the specific case in question, not knowing who Boris is referring to or what their record may be, it's impossible to comment intelligently. However, given the above, I'd say that naming and shaming seems like a pretty childish threat.
  12. I can say who it's not.

    All the AMC executive and delegates ride.

    All the MRAA board ride (If you count Harleys :p :LOL: )...

    All the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee ride
    Guy Stanford has several bikes
    I've got 2.
    Shaun Lennard has at least 2 bikes
    Neville Gray (Ulysses National VP & rep on various National committees) has 10. including a lovely Bultaco Metralla - bastard
    Ray Newland (FCAI) certainly rides.
    Dan Rotman (MA riders division) was picking up a new Guzzi last week.
    Rob Colligan (who stood in for Guy at the last MSCC meeting) has several bikes - (even if they're all Kawasakis) :p :LOL:

    Ulysses & MA - see above...

    I don't know about some of the state based groups but all the guys I've met from them all ride.

    Boris did say "national" though - which, to be honest, probably precludes DC. I think he's talking his usual nonsense.
  13. Ahhhh .... politics. The surest way to totally stuff up an activity you love.
  14. so a guy who writes for a national magazine who lives in NSW can't write anything about Vic? oh ok. sorry then. :?

    but yes, he is a journalist and they dont have the greatest reputations as a profession ( some are outstanding ).

    as for problems in NSW, i think we are progressing pretty well. since you're from Victoria, it's not your place to comment on NSW ok. :grin:
  15. Ok repeat after me. This is an OPEN forum. We do not tell other children what to do......

    (Oops sorry forgot it wasn't Kinda...)
  16. Even though I do ride a Harley every day right now - in the years previous to my being a Harley Rider (pre 1998) I rode all nature of bikes starting with a Honda 175 way back, a Yamaha RD 350, a Honda 360, Yamaha Twin overhead cam 500, Yamaha DT 400, then a BMW K100RS, a 1972 Cossack 650. I have now has 4 H-D Heritage Softails since 1998 (put 180,000 kms on the 1st three and have now put over 25,000 km on the one I picked up new on 5th Jan 2008).

    So - be it know its not me!!!!

    I got sent a scanned copy of what Boris said. Don't know what to make of his comment:

    I assume that he was referring to me. FFS, the guy has never met me face to face. Seems to love Guy from MCC NSW. But, then I guess that Boris thinks that anyone from NSW is infinately superior to everyone else.... Must not forget that this mag is really NSW Motorcycle News

    He also thinks Black is a superior color - I ride a black Harley. Wonder what he would make of that? :p :p

    Funny thing is - when these NSW people come south and see how good we really have it in Vic, they soon realize just how far the rest of Australia really is. At least we now have things really happening in Vic. I feel sorry for the other states - especially QLD, and SA with their soon to be introduced anti bikie laws. As for NSW, one of our new Board members who came down to live in Melbourne after moving from NSW (where she was heavily involved with MCC NSW has some frightening tales of what its like to be a rider in NSW. No wonder Boris is os bitter and twisted :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I don't know mate, I haven't driven south for a while (I usually fly) but last time we drove to Phillip Island we were shocked at the speed cameras everywhere. I trust that's not what you mean by 'having it good'?

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    Speed cameras affect everyone not just riders. JD was talking about issues related to motorcycling and how we seem to get a better deal starting with lower 3rd party insurance costs and better cover via TAC, footpath parking and no restrictive and anally retentive muffler laws.

    I read that article too. I dunno if the RACV can really claim that it "represents" car drivers. Maybe broadly like say the MRA does for bike riders, but the article specifically claims that it represents 1.2million car drivers. Now, how many of those car drivers actually signed up to authorise the RACV to lobby the government on their behalf, and how many signed up merely for its insurance and breakdown services.

    And how many of these "members" were actually able to vote or even attend general meetings to vote on policy.

    Never said that. I'm saying that he doesn't have a clue as to what is going on here in Victoria. Otherwise they (he and his editorial colleagues) would not be continually harping on, and getting it wrong, about what is happening here, particularly the protest ride, which, mind you, is only being kept alive for a select few who read those articles. I'll bet that the people that do matter have forgotten about it. And going by the scant coverage it got in the press the public would probably say "eh?".
  19. Thank mjt.
    Do we have muffler laws in NSW? :shock:
  20. I can assure you speed cameras were not what I was alluding to.

    The thing is - when you NSW people get exposed to all the true facts, then there is a notable change in attitude. In fact I would describe it as being more like envy - that you don't have it that good.

    Now, I doubt that you will believe me. But, at least I "am in the loop" and get to see all the info as it flows around..... I also get to talk to the people who are working for us - both inside the bureaucracy and those outside it who are calling the shots :grin: :grin:

    At least we have the Moto GP, as but one of many good things that you NSW people dont (footpath parking ring a bell?) :p :p