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Ferrari vs bikes vs GOR - the judgement

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bikeboy, Nov 18, 2010.

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  2. Rich and had a good lawyer by the sounds of it.

    I'd be pretty pissed if I was one of those riders, hopefully they get some compensation out of him.
  3. What an idiot driver, crossing on to the wrong side of the road. I know that exact corner and place. If you can't control such a high powered car then you obviously shouldn't get behind the wheel. 6k fine what a joke.
  4. It's very clear that the so-called "justice" system only cares about giving punishment to people who don't actually hurt anyone.

    Speeding? Lose license, public shaming, possibly go to jail.

    Actually crash and hurt someone? Slap on the wrist.
  5. That's quite sad. Not much more to say really.
  6. someone who's actually got some writing skills leave a comment or two. i did my best, but yeah...
  7. wow. that's pathetic.
  8. You gota fell for these guys, out for a ride and next thing you know your waking up out of two week coma.

    And a $6000 fine.... The driver was in a Ferrari, He will be paying that fine with the change in his top pocket
  9. That's a gross miscarriage of justice.
  10. Hmmmm from that article it seems the driver did not do too much untoward and frankly we all know that not saying sorry or admitting fault is exactly the right thing to do in a situation like this.

    Tosser for losing control and being a shit driver yes (no TC?? hmmm), and yes he should have been penalised a lot harder... but...

    I know I've crossed the lines by overcooking it a little on the bike once or twice - difference is I am more likely to kill myself I suppose. Can't say I've done it in my car - which is why 4WD is the boss.

    Harsher penalty should have been handed down for sure though.

    Was 80kmh speeding there?
  11. But, but, but, he wasn't speeding...
  12. I'm no legal person as such but just because he got a $6000 fine in the criminal court can the riders get compensation through the civil court eg. claim for medical bills?
  13. Thats just plain shit. Driver almost kills him realistically, there are no consequences.

    I did like the guys response though "im going to get over it, I have better things to worry about" instead of something stereotypical like "I'll smash that C*nt!"
  14. Holy sh1t...

    I was there that day!! The guy (old fart with some young slutty blonde) were next to us at some cafe in the morning having breakfast (forget where we were but the cafe has a blue r6 inside) and then we went up the GOR for a good ride, on the way back we were turned back from there because of the accident, we couldn't see much but did the the car and bike from a distance and loads of oil on the road.

    There was also a Norton and Royal Enfield club meeting so rode the long way back with load of those guys...

    But essentially the driver got off too lightly... frankly its a joke.
  15. So he wasn't speeding then...?? essentially they couldn't prove anything apart from he was on the wrong side of the road = why the penalty was so light.

    Nothing much to see here. Yes we are all put out but come on - a bit of perspective!

    He wasn't drinking, hopefully not on the phone or getting a bj,.. hard luck for the motorcyclists, but as long as he paid damages and was cropped the points from his license what more do you expect? Anyone with knowledge want to let us know what the maximum penalty for careless driving is??? (I'm guessing he got it? - although maybe not as he paid out two fines...??)...

    Sure he probably had a good lawyer, but he stayed on the scene (presumably), and hopefully wasn't doing anything else of disrepute.

    I'm sure he may have been grieved by the incident too. Probably won't be with that woman anymore! haha.

    Move along... it's unfortunate but just the way it is.

    Thankfully the guys are alive and of somewhat decent spirits about the whole thing.

    I wish the best to the victims...

    Ride safe people.
  16. Interesting - I read about the guys bike in Old Bike Australia magazine a few months back and I wondered why I didn't hear more about the accident. I guess it being before the courts explains something!
  17. I'm with Ahrimaan.

    We do it and we're learning, a car does it and he's a moron?

    Granted, if he's driving a ferrari he should be able to afford track days so keep it off the road.

    And 80km/h in a 90degree left hander is too fast.

    Harsher punishment....Maybe...

    My 2 cents :)
  18. How far do you think $3000 in damages goes towards someone that's been off work for more than a year, did a fair stint in hospital and is still undergoing operations and rehab? Sure TAC will be kicking in some of it but i'm pretty sure they would have been bringing home more than $3k in wages for the year towards bills, mortgage etc. Then consider that the girl from David Jones got $850k for some comments made against her, or recent people that have slipped in supermarkets etc and get tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars just for a sore back for a while.
  19. What would the penalty have been if Mr Vaccari had hit Mr Hosemans with his fists or a weapon outside a pub and put him in hospital with similar injuries?
  20. Reading that article, I honestly feel very depressed reading that, not just for the poor bloke on the bike, but this "justice system" the system has always been corrupt, and it is corrupt on every level, hope the dude in the ferrari rids of him self and his penis extension by driving it at top speed into a large tree, had it been some guy on a bike doing say...150 in a 110 zone..oh no, he eats kittens! entire library gets chucked at him, hell probably even chuck em in jail! ffs! WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!! WE ARE NOT FREE AS WE BELIEVE WE ARE!