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Ferrari Joke

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by lowercase, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. A man sees an ad in the newspaper for a Ferrari for $5. He's like WOAH is this some kinda joke?

    He calls up the the Geoff who had placed the ad, and asks him if he's for real. The guy says yeah, come on over. 2007 ferrari, red in colour.

    Geoff gives the guy his address and the guy tells work that he's not going in that day, and rushes over.

    Out the front of the house is a basically brand new red ferrari. Not a dent or a chipped window.

    Geoff comes outside, and says, yup, it's yours if you want it for $5. The man asks what the catch is, and Geoff informs him that there is no catch, just a $5 ferrari.

    The guy hands over $5, and says, come on Geoff, what happened? Really?

    Geoff says.. Okay.. Well, my wife was gonna get half the money from the ferrari when I sold it. And the stupid cow was just using me for the money, so she'll get what's coming to her!!!

    $2.50 and the lounges.
  2. Sweet deal!
  3. Haha, what a bastard :p

    Thats brilliant lol.
  4. Sounds suspiciously like this story where a wife sold her husband's Lotus Esprit on ebay for 50 pence :LOL:
  5. Same story popped up in the First Wives' Club movie.

    ...I'm told.

    ...By a gay friend that watches movies like that.

    ...Not me, I like violence and boobies.
  6. ^^^LOL Violence and boobies LOL^^^
  7. at least she gained 50p... that would get her a chocolate bar. WOOT!
  8. Good on the hubby :LOL:
  9. He would have been better off selling it to a friend.

    Anyone that can afford an exotic car arnt stupid and that includes people who won lotto