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Ferrari engined Quad bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DamoSV650, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I didnt realise cars had handlebars.....
  2. That machine defiantly eats kittens for breakfast on a daily basis!
  3. Looks like a hunk of junk to me, theres plenty of production sports bikes with better power/weight, look 100x better that are road legal..
  4. Utter crap.

    I find nothing clever in this monstrosity.
  5. I think it would be useless to ride, but it does look like a fun adventure into what's technically possible!
  6. Seems all they did was take a Ferrari engine, Jury rig a suspiciously weird chassis to it and ask a drunk, brain damaged billionaire how much he'd pay for it it, then DOUBLE that number and slap it on the price tag.

    Having said that though, maybe if I was richer than Oprah and already had every other weird looking motorcycle out there, I might consider taking it for a test run.

    On a serious note, I dare say it could achieve much better speeds if they cut the number of wheels by ,maybe, 50%? make it an actual motorcycle and all that.
  7. And yet 4 days ago FESA in WA banned the use of quadbikes by it's trained operators because they are too dangerous off road: from http://www.ses-wa.asn.au/

    16/12/2011 - FESA Bans Quad Bikes
    State Emergency Service volunteers have been banned from using quad bikes after an independent risk assessment declared them too dangerous.

    The following article appeared in "The West Australian" Friday the 16th of December 2011 page 17.

    The Fire and Emergency Services Authority ordered the inquiry in light of safety concerns raised by internal reviews and the deaths of 84 people in quad bike accidents nationwide between 2000 and 2007. Chief executive Wayne Gregson said use of the 11 all-terrain vehicles had been temporarily suspended and other options would be considered after the Chamber of Commerce and Industry found there was an "unacceptable risk to the operators".
  8. i don't think they meant that kind of off road.

    you would imagine on a track it would corner with a fair amount of speed, to the point where i imagine you'd have to hang off it with your arms trying to steer the horizontal bars.

    it would be an experience but i'm not sure (even ignoring cost) i'd particularly want to do it often enough to want to own it.

    still, some people love quads, i'm not one of them.
  9. Would be good if it actually sounded like a fezza V8... Induction noise would be pretty rad though.?
  10. Intake grill is too small to inhale midgets though.............such a shame.
  11. 241 kmh is slow
  12. Suspension travel looks a bit suspect for off road use. I wonder if it wheelies.
  13. meh - doesnt seem that great..
  14. only 240 bhp? That's a rip. Must be a really ****ing old ferrari v8!
  15. and did you see the price on the 'original' [bike?] for $266k
  16. I reckon it would be a hoot to ride.

    Mind you, so is a kneeler combo (with or without monkey) and you can get an obsolete but still scarily quick one of those for a tiny fraction of $266k. Better still, in the UK at least, you can (or could, not so long ago) road register one, friends for the scaring of :twisted:.

    I nearly bought one, years ago. Old BSA A10 lump, bored out to Dog knows what, with 11:1 pistons, open megaphones and a generous coating of Castrol R varnish, a quite nicely built c1970ish chassis, cut slicks, rego plate, daytime MoT and a set of L-plates thrown in (learners being allowed to ride any sidecar outfit unaccompanied). Five hundred quid to you sir, or about 2/3 of what a tired 125 would cost you at the time.

    I bottled out in the end. Damn but I wish I hadn't.
  17. It's a car with raised seating.