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Ferrari 512

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blackadder, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. What a great video...pure awesome.

    I can't think of any bike that you could ride that would match the level of class in this video. Maybe I'm not thinking hard enough. :)

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  2. yeah whatever floats ya boat i guess.
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  3. #3 коннор, Oct 17, 2013
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    Your thread title resulted in me thinking about emacs.

    (Ferrari 512-> F512-> function key 512-> the sort of thing emacs would use in a combo with about twelve other keys, probably the one for getting it to bake bread or something)

    EDIT: To be a little more on topic, that shirt was crumpled as.
  4. not to bad
  5. Agree, great video. The F40/F50 video and this weeks F12 are of similar levels of awesome. Harris is virtually a walking billboard for Ferrari, delicious irony given how much Ferrari dislike him.
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  6. (dusts off the very old zealot coat)

    vi rules!
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  7. The F12 and F40 were fantastic.. Chris is the man.

    I also quite like Best Motoring / Hot version as well. A little bit of Japanese weirdness.. However, the touge battle and very thorough testing makes up for it. :D
  8. There is a reason that the modern day equivalents are now referred to as "luxury cars".
  9. circa 1988. My uncles 308 parked next to my sisters KB Laser. You didn't have to be an engineer to see the laser was the better engineered and built vehicle.
  10. Ferrari F430 touge run

    @ 31 min 56s

  11. Yup

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