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Fergusson's dropped my bike

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by PilotPete, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. So today i've been waiting patiently for my pride and joy to arrive from canberra after being without her for a week and a half. The delivery driver opens the van door and undoes the first strap and right there in front of me she goes tumbling over. It cracked the rear cowling and put scuff marks in quite a few places. The driver said he will pay for it but i got the impression he is trying to hide it from fergussons, he was trying to tell me he will pick up the damaged bits and get them fixed for me. I took some pictures and got his details but i'm not sure what to do, should i call fergussons and deal with them? hopefully that made sense, im a bit shocked at the moment.

  2. YES. Deal with the company. Work on the assumption that the driver will NOT pay. Youve taken evidence which is great, now go through the appropriate channels.

    As soon as you try to deal with the driver then I bet the company will just wash their hands of the matter.
  3. I hope when you signed the papers you noted all the damage on it - otherwise you might not have a leg to stand on with the company... He obviously doesn't want to get in trouble so offered to fix himself.
  4. Don't be handing your bike parts over to a f*cktard van driver who just damaged them. Do Not Do That...... k?
    Don't do him any favours because he hasn't done you any and sure as hell isn't going to. Talk to fergussons ASAP.
  5. thanks for the opinions guys, i got the driver to write it down on the invoice/receipt form and sign it and i have already taken photos so proving it wont be a problem, i've already spoked to fergussons and i guess i wait and see how that goes.
  6. I had some issues with Fergussons where bikes weren't going to make it in time to a race meet I had booked for months. All looking very doom and gloom till I got onto the right bloke and shit got done in spectacular form. He runs a good show and I'm sure it'll all come out ok.