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Fenders, What Are The Options?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Caz no 2, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I see lots of nice sports bike with nice rear ends and I dont know much about fender eliminators, are they legal? I guess it removes the back guard? Does it actually have an impact other than just looks?

    I hate the look of the back of my bike and wondered what my options are for making it look nice and neat. I have the 2013 Ninja 650 so I know the accessories aren't available yet, but do I get something from Kawasaki?

    Thanks All
  2. wont be legal
  3. But it will look cool :)
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  4. And spray more water on the cars behind you in the wet.
  5. Are they legal if you fit a hugger to cover the rear tyre?
  6. It also has to do with the angle of your number plate.
  7. Cha, the numberplate / fender must go out further enough to create a 45 degree angle with the end of the swingarm. Eg; the yellow is the fender, which must go out as far as the red line. That's the minimum legal distance you can take off the fender - in QLD at least.

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  8. And up your back!! :mad:
  9. fenders are for fags or men who ride cruisers.
    even stock it's not technically legal on most all new bikes.
    piss it off, it looks totally fcuking gay.

    yeah you can get harrassed for it by the police because sometimes they are total pricks. and in their defense fender eliminators do kill thousands of innocent kittens each year.
    archaic bullshit adrs that date back to the romans or something, before paved roads. the general theory being they deflect rocks downward rather than launched directly into following traffic.
    load of nonsense really. just that the ancient romans were paranoid about rocks because people kept firing them around from catapults .
    so we're stuck with it to this day.
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  10. if you're gonna get one, try to get one that comes with a plug in loom or doesn't require you to cut it.... do some research for your specific bike.

    i put one on recently and had to remake the lighting loom to fit it... cant refit the old one easily.
  11. I know what you mean Caz, the back looks heaps neater without the fender.
  12. Fitted one to my 2012 ER6N. Yes prob not technically legal. I still use factory indicators. Rear plate light is a token effort too. As far as spray on my back nothing so far. Rocks flicking up on cars I cant see this being any worse then some 4wds. The factory guard weighs a bit too. Soldering iron will almost definetly need to be used to connect up the new indicators. Couldnt find a plug otherwise I would have made up a second loom.
    Overall just looks heaps neater. Already quite a few aftermarket parts. Not much in the way of Genuine apart from seat cowl and also now top panier frame.
    Genuine tail bag although not listed on net is now available from dealers. Much needed storage an very easy to fit.
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  13. The hugger wont help you here. It may help stop things flying up and hitting under your seat or spring though.
    Get the eliminator, it looks heaps better, keep the stock piece in the shed for when you have to get a roadworthy again.
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