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Fender Eliminators

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Breno, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at getting the new '06 R6, but that big hunk of metal and plastic sitting out the back isnt to attractive.

    so i was just wondering if any one knew the consequences of having a fender eliminator fitted if you get pulled over by some tight jacks.

    is it just a canary? or do you loose demerit points for an unroadworthy vehicle?

    any help and advice or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.

    - Breno
  2. any help at all? :p

    i just sort of want to know how illegel they are and the consequences for having one.
  3. any one? o_O
  4. from what i can remember, my l's instructor was saying that he got pulled over by a cop over something completely different but than the cop noticed the fender eliminator and gave him a fine. He also had to replace the fender and go to vicroads to show them that it was legal.
  5. I think as long as you keep the same lights that come with the bike you wont have a problem. By that I mean some fender eliminators dont have the downlight that illuminates the plate.
    I have a fender eliminator that keeps the original indicators, reflectors and downlights and dont have a problem
  6. I got one with my new ZX6 and it has the light for the number plate. The only issue i can see is that the damn ugly reflector is now missing! I can live with the metal plate as it makes the bike visually better.
  7. well on the new R6 the license holder sticks out a mile and a half and riuns the flow of the bike. i can imagine how nice it would look with the plate tucked up beind the brake light with smaller indicators. i just dont wanna loose demerit points cause im on the 1 point scheme (pepsi challenge)
  8. For defective fender (and in NSW), you may be given a defect notice and probably fined. But you won't loose any point.

    However, if you use the bike in breach of a minor defect notice = 1 point + $231. Contrary to a major defect notice = 3 points + $308.

    No idea for other states.
  9. First thing I did when I got my bike home was rip that big plastic thing off, before I even went for a ride! Couldn't be seen with that thing hanging there. Luckily the Suzi has integrated tailights and indicators so that all remains legal. Just got the new LED for the plate so all will be sweet now. Just do it, you'd be pretty stiiff to get busted for that I reckon. You can get eliminators that have all the necessary lights still on them, I just made my own.
  10. yeah but is it legal in victoria? and whats the usual punishment or what ever if you get done by a tight arse copper? cause i only have 1 point left :S
  11. Unless your a fast talker, I think you stand the chance of gaining a canary but not a fine, but I could be wrong.
  12. what do you mean by fast talker? if im a good communicator i could prolly get off with a canary?
  13. quick reply with a convincing line of BS
  14. "i wasnt paying attention when backing out my driveway the other day..
    bent the thing wikid ways, im looking for a new one, so this is just tempory"

    >.< dont know how it would go down but eh, best thing off the top of myhead..

    cant you make yourself a makeshift plate holder? or is the plate light actually on that little "thing" on the back?
  15. Hi all

    I'm new to this forum but i had a chat to some guys at honda and they reckon fender eliminators are ok if they fufill the following criteria:

    1) the license plate must mounted at the end of the bike (ie. the plate must be at or beyond a birds eye view of the end of the bike).

    2) the license plate must be illuminated (for night riding)

    and 3) the minimum distance between the indicators is 30 cm.

    Other than that, you shouldn't get booked for anything...

    Hope this helps.
  16. Nope, there are reg's governing how far down the fender must come. But finding a copper that knows them would be rare. However, any, yes any, modification to your bike from std can get you a canary if he wants to, unless you have an engineers cert to say it has been tested and is safe and OK. I used to carry the Engineers Cert' in the glove box of my modified car, it was the only way out if i got pulled over.

    Pretty sure getting a canary carries NO penalty points, just ring a cop shop and ask them.
  17. after further research on this topic, this is what i stumbled across and i guess it only applies in Vic:
    http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrpdf/rdsafe/VSI 4.pdf

    It states what was said before plus:

    You must have a red reflector mounted at the rear of the bike...

    As with the mudguard and how far it comes down, they leave it quite vague:

    "a mudguard which effectively prevents objects being thrown upward to the rear must be fitted to each wheel..."

    Hope this helps.
  18. You should be fine with a eliminator.
    If its going to lose the plate light make sure you angle it so your plate is lit up from the tail light at night. Aslong as you are riding sensibly you wouldnt get hassled. Even if you were pulled over i doubt they would say anything.
    In the worst case scenario tell the police you will change it within 24 hours and present for inspection. Just letting you know this is from experience aswell and ive never been hassled for mine.
    Just go for it :)
  19. 3) the minimum distance between the indicators is 30 cm

    Man thats some fair distance - i have a fender eliminator but didnt come with a licence plate light. I havent been pulled over but i dont often go riding at night
  20. Mudgaurds have rules too. Do all of above and fit a hugger and there is not much they can do about it.

    You bike will be cleaner too