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VIC Fender Eliminators, Rear Huggers and The Law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. I know most people don’t give a flying F#$k, but am I correct that a large part of the reason that the boys in blue have issues with fender eliminators is because they don’t have an appropriate mudguard?
    If so does adding a rear hugger essentially allow you to use one legally?

    And does a hugger pose any other issues?

    And before you go deleting it again where should it go? It is part legal, part modification, and something that many may be interested in
  2. Im interested too. I wouldn't mind know which rules having a fender eliminator is breaking.
  3. I'm guessing its a mudguard issue. Although if they think a mudguard needs to be at 45 degrees to prevent a rear tire flicking rocks at the vehicle behind, they are wrong. It would need to go down to about 2" off the road?

    A hugger only prevents damage to your rear shock/spring. Its not a mudguard replacement.
  4. As I understand it, there's a few possible ways:

    * Indicators not correct spacing/height/etc
    * Numberplate not lit

    And as you alluded;
    * ADR requires that the vehicle have a "fender" covering the top arc of the rear wheel, to a 45 degree angle backwards and upwards from the rear axle.

    On cruisers and old bikes this is easy to see - they have a fender which hugs the entire tyre as required.

    On sportsbikes the seat subframe handles most of that task, with the little fender hanging down to make it to the 45 degree angle.

    BMW does a neat little trick and often has a short fender, but they have a seperate little "crud catcher" on the back of the rear wheel to cover the last bit of the arc.

    I'd love to know why more bike manufacturers don't do the little "crud catcher" thing to shorten the fender, to be honest.

  5. Once teh mod has been made, the vehicle no longer complies to the ADR's.

    Simple really ;)
  6. The most obvious is that the indicators are not spaced far enough apart.
  7. Which ADRs? and why does it no longer comply?

    If you still have indicators far enough apart, an illuminated number plate and a rear hugger covering the appropriate part of the rear tyre what ADR is it not complying with by having a fender eliminator?
  8. That would indicate that there are no legal changes that can be made to a vehicle.
    Does this mean even if you have a fender eliminator with the correct indicator spacing, and a light for the rego plate, and you have a hugger that covers to 45 degrees you will be pinged?
  9. nope, so long as you met the adr's it's fine :wink:

    oh btw it's 45 degree from the centre of the rear axel if you want details and 230mm in between blinkers, and i also believe they state a max/min angle for the number plate to be on.... do all that and it's fine but is it really worth cutting 15mm of the stock unit :LOL:
  10. Pretty sure there's the issue of no longer having a rear red reflector once you fit most fender eliminators as well... you know the big ugly thing on your stock fender :grin:
  11. Ah yes, good call.
  12. The reflective thing is definately required for ADR.

    Most people do not get pinged for it because they wont know what to look for but I know of pple who get pinged ocassionally when they get someone who knows what to look for.
  13. The reflector doesn't have to be on the fender though, some brake lights have them built in or you could put it somewhere else on the back of the bike, think I've seen a number plate surround with reflectors in it before.
  14. Nothing to do with indicators in most situations.. My Gixxer had them integrated into the tailpiece as standard ( just look at any of the 4 squillion Gixxers on the road ) But I had an eliminator on and got a canary. I didnt have a number plate light but was told even if I had I still wouldve got the ticket. And the lights are easy to do anyway- just a tiny LED globe poked through the tailpiece just above the plate. Easy to do and very effective. Nope- its all about missing some pissy bit of plastic off the end of the bike and thats it. :roll: Im sure they have bigger fish to fry than to worry about this.
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