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Fender Eliminators (QLD)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Le Squid, May 31, 2010.

  1. Recently I read a thread for an easy modification to get rid of the ugly fender under the number plate on my VFR. It definetly looks the dogs onions but it is worth doing or will it give the plod an excuse to fine me? Just wondering about peoples thoughts or recent experiences.


  2. Re: Feder Eliminators (QLD)

    i can't honestly see why it's be any more illegal than the rice boyz moving their number plate to teh side to get maximum airflow over the radiator spraypainted to look like an intercooler......
    you're only removing a stupid piece of plastic.
    that said, this is bligh's state, anything goes.....
  3. Re: Feder Eliminators (QLD)

  4. Re: Feder Eliminators (QLD)

    It's a defect , had to pay $100.

    While it is unlikely that you will get pulled over during your day to day commute,
    they do have blitzes like they did on Mt Nebo where i copped my fine.
  5. Re: Feder Eliminators (QLD)

    under what law is it defectable though?
    cops make bullshit calls every day just to get under people's skin
  6. Feder Eliminators (QLD)

    ADR requires tyre coverage from a 45 degree angle
  7. Re: Feder Eliminators (QLD)

    what Miraz said

    anyway, go your hardest, you're unlikely to get any attention because there are so many other dingbats on bikes doing worse stuff
  8. One of the big issues is the distance that the indicators are apart.

    found on Page 93, here: http://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/LEGISLTN/CURRENT/T/TrantOpRUVSSR99.pdf
  9. Easier to read: http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/resources/file/ebde8d0521b67c6/Pdf_modification_motor_vehicles2.pdf

    The good news is you can still rip the thing off, just be sure to replace it with something that adheres to the 45 degree and the 'rear wheel width coverage' requirement.

    Actually when the cop pulled me over, he mentioned the fender should cover a "substantial" amount of the width of the rear wheel, go figure. So you have room play...

    I might post up a pic of my DIY fender when i get home.
  10. Yep, read that but it is not indepth and leaves things like the reference to indicators for motorcycles out.
  11. having ridden behind other riders with no rear fender, I gotta say it's a dick move. Stones travelling at 120km/h to the throat are not cool.
  12. Considering the stones get flicked from the road which is the bottom of the wheel you make a mute point as stock fenders wouldn't stop these
  13. It's what makes wearing an open face helmet so interesting!
  14. Having ridden in groups of mudguardless bikes whilst wearing an open face, I reckon you all need to HTFU :bolt:.
  15. Meh, adds character like the bugs in the teeth.

    Thanks for the input all....appreciated =D>

  16. I find it very annoying that a sports bike can get fined for a fender eliminator, but a road legal motorcross bike can have their numberplate on top of the guard (facing up to the sky) with a the guard not covering any part of the wheel, and they don't get booked.
  17. And there is probably some rider on a road legal motorcross bike saying - "I find it very annoying that a road legal motor cross bike can get fined for a numberplate on top of the guard (facing up to the sky) with a the guard not covering any part of the wheel, but a sports bike can have fender eliminator without a guard covering any part of the wheel, and they don't get booked."

    Just because you haven't seen it happen, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  18. True, it's just that they stand out so much more.
  19. 6 months with mine on and never had a problem (touch wood).

    And re the stones flicking up, doesn't make a difference if the bike has an eliminator or not, they will still do it. Speaking from experience (being shot in the chest by a Speed - you know who you are!! LOL)