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VIC Fender Eliminators [Cops on Blitz]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. I have recently purchased and fender eliminator and today went to exchange the small indicators that I just couldn't get to fit without going to a whole of trouble.

    Was told that 3 people over the weekend are in for roadworthies because the cops issued them with a blue ticket, I don't care I will be taking the risk, also some bikes have small rear fenders so I don't understand how this has all of a sudden become illegal.

    Just thought people might be interested in this development.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I don't imagine it's suddenly become illegal, but some member of the constabulary has decided it's time to do some enforcin'!
  3. Yep because it is so much more dangerous than all those little things that people whinge about like changing lanes without indicating or that piddly little anouance called tailgating.

    I mean what you want them to focus on this irelivencies instead?
  4. I guess it is a simple as your modifying your vehicle in a manner which makes it no longer compliant with the ADR's and therefore is no longer strictly roadworthy.

    Its a petty way to ping someone, but we all know the rules exist and we take those risks.
  5. Yeah, I hear those fender eliminators have caused at least 12 fatalities this year alone.

    And the police wonder why they command such little respect among members of the community they are employed to protect.

    FL, get Firefox 2.0, it has a nice spell checker installed :wink:
  6. You must be joking, there is no way that these would cause an accident, I can tell you the difference between the fender eliminator and my blackbird is almost nothing.
  7. It's true! Some people crashed after a bike with a fender eliminator riding in front of them threw up a big rock. And then some other people died when the same bike was riding in the rain and sprayed their windscreen with water and they couldn't see and they crashed.

    It could happen! :p
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  9. I think the ADR states something along the lines of 45 degrees from the axle or something.
  10. WTF?

    My standard mudguard doesn't even do that...
  11. And my Blackbird and the R6 would not prevent a stone being thrown in the air, nor would they stop water being sprayed to a car in the rear.
    Some fairytales if they contibute a Fender Eliminator to deaths, they are just looking for something to throw blame on. :shock:

    Just look at the blackbird, not much different to a Fender Eliminator
  12. Steve i think you missed both CJ's and My Sarcasm...
    We'll telegraph it better for you next time.
  13. Maybe some of these might be useful next time. :LOL: :LOL:
    Sometimes a bit hard to detect Sarcasm over the internet :)
  14. Mate I beleive the Blackbird is compliant because of the angle between the axel and the rear mudguard. The angle on the eliminator is closer to 90 degrees. The 1100 on the other hand looks 45 degrees ish.

    I personally think they look smick but it is some more ammo for the super troopers. Same as doof doof cars lowered too much etc. Nobody really cares until the coppers want to be pricks then its hello defect time. Hell most sports bikes sold go through roadworthy fine with non-compliant indicators / fenders / pipes etc.
  15. Er, I think the second line emphasised the sarcasm...

  16. my radiator seems to fit the bill perfectly for my front wheel! :oops:
  17. ADR states nothing about the degrees it must be, why don't people write something factual in this thread :eek:
  18. got my blue ticket for a aluminum licence plate bracket on the R1, cop whinged more about it not having a light on the plate.. also asked how loud my pipe was, I said not very loud (yoshi race tri oval) .. lol ah well said to the cop that is how i purchased the bike, which they wont check anyway, just as well i have the original gaurd at home somewhere.
  19. Interesting post Steve.

    My opinion is that its pretty lame for the Police to be issuing tickets
    just as we would for those who get issued with jay-walking tickets.

    Just about everyone who can spare the cash gets eliminators fitted
    because of the much improved sporty look.

    I'm with you. Take your chances & leave em on. The odds are in your
    favour that you wont get picked up for it.
  20. Why don't people get their own facts straight before biting other people's heads off? :roll:

    Take a look at Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 42/00 - General Safety Requirements) 2006. In particular, Rule 42.12.3, "Wheel guards for L-Group vehicles". L-Group vehicles are motorcycles, mopeds, bikes with sidecars and trikes.

    Let's go to an instant replay, folks:

    I think someone owes demuire an apology.