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Fender Eliminator for Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Fitty, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. A fender eliminator is one of the first things I wanted to do with my new ST3, but I haven't been able to find any real information about them. I've seen one or two on Netrider and elsewhere, but the owners haven't replied in threads with any further information.

    So far as I can tell, the main options are these:

    Mad Doctor

    I don't want to get one that doesn't comply with Victorian Road Rules; I honestly have no desire to get done by plod and have my weekend ruined.

    So, my question to ST3/R owners is this: have you got a fender eliminator and if so what brand is it, where did you get it and can you post a picture?
  2. have an evotech on order along with the rad grille from them. will post pics once I can track the package, sent two weeks ago, should be here by now. picked the evotech due to the lower cost, re-using stock indicators, reports that it is well made and is compatible with the twin arrows. heard some bad things bout the R&G from other triumph forums. Rest seemed expensive such as the Rizoma one. There's also the Valtermoto and Competition Werkes ones but didn't investigate too much.
  3. Do you know if any of them pass ADRs? I wouldn't mind getting one, but it isn't worth the hassle of being pinged for it in one of the 'educational' police operations. I'd rather be riding than walking, and from where I sit I don't see the tail anyway. :)
  4. I have the older style R&G tail tidy. I saw a thread recently where it snapped at highway speeds, but mine has around 30,000 kms and seem fine apart from the number plate light which died. The newer style looks even better.
  5. Doubt any of them come close.
    Most eliminators can end with up to 3 (not necesarily all) non compliant issues.

    1st: Fender is too high. To comply, go up at 45 degrees backwards from the center axle to the rear. Fender should come low enough to meet at that angle.

    2nd: Indicators. They need to be at least 300mm apart. Some eliminators have them too narrow.

    3rd: License plate. It should be at rear and at an angle no greater than the original. Once again some fender eliminators create a too severe angle.

    Well that's the rule anyway.
    Up to you if the look of your machine is worth the hassle.
    If you go ahead, make sure you keep all the old parts so you can refit them for an inspection should you (probably will, Murphys law!) get nabbed..
  6. None have a reflector so none are legal so either keep looking or take your chances that the taxman doesn't come along.
  7. are you sure you have to have a reflector?
    i've got a competition werkes one comming in the mail.
    i think indicators 30 cm apart applies to taking the measurement from the center of the indicators lights too.
    i"ll be putting led's on mine anyway... they're probably illegal too?
    ****ing everythings illegal when it comes to bikes anyway..,if they don't ping you for that, they"ll just ping you for something else anyway, you just can't win.
    sorry plod, but that tail is way too ugly, it has to go.
  8. oh yeah, that's no 4.
  9. i'm yet to see a fender eliminator that meets all ADR rules and therefore making it legal to use.
  10. That's kinda what I was thinking.

    As far as I'm concerned, if I modify my bike in a way that i know will make it illegal - whether or not I agree with the ADRs in question - then I should expect to be hassled by the police and issued with defect notices.

    I'm not saying it's right, or that I agree with it. But it is what it is. We know the rules, and we choose to obey them or not.

    Personally, I don't think it is worth the hassle. When I am pulled over for one of the little 'chats' that the police have been doing, there is nothing they can do me for. So it's "thanks officer, see you later" and I'm on my way. Instead of spoiling my day with a fine and a trip to VicRoads to get the defect notice lifted.
  11. The old R&G fender elim had some issues, the new one is much better and looks great. I have the stock indicators on at the moment but have the smaller ones on order as I think they'll look a lot better. The kit comes with a round reflector that can be stuck on the back.
  12. What issues exactly? I have read about the one that broke, but that is the only bad thing I have heard. Mine is still fine, and I have never any problems with the police.
  13. Metal fatigue, rusting bolts. My 'brace' bar underneath disintegrated but the main metal bit apparently has this problem too (although mine still looked ok). (edit: the new one is plastic :) )
  14. evotech kit fit ok, required drilling of the original plastic plate adapter to fit but otherwise no issue yet. pretty well made, all metal and anodised black. only issue is the brake light cowl is not fitted back leaving the rear electrics exposed a bit to the elements. some people in the states have cut the original brake light cowl to fit. uses stock indicators, didn't need to get anything else. kit comes with a reflector.

    the evotech grille on the other hand is very well made, metal anodized black with an EP logo stamped. have noticed the bike is running about 1 bar hotter though. this is in cool 20-25deg weather so come summer my butt is gonna be cooked i think. see how it goes.
  15. Forgive me for performing some thread necromancy here. gogoplata - got photos?
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  17. Thanks dude.
  18. I run the Comp Workes one painted black, didnt like the look of the indicators out above the exhausts like elephant ears on the evotech one and others...

    It came with indicators included that fit neatly between the exhausts but it this pic i have my integrated tail light installed:

  19. That looks grouse, it's on the list.