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Fender eliminator for Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Any idea where to buy fender eliminator for 2008 Speed Triple in Sydney? I wonder what's involved to get one installed.

    A picture of the finished look (if you've installed one) would be much appreciated. Cheers!

  2. See if Competition Werkes make on for the Speed Triple. I purchased one for the Street Triple through Bike Monkey.
  3. They do, that's about the only one I can find "locally" (local within Australia). Apparently they also sell on EBay, same price as their online shop.

    Did you install it yourself? Was it difficult?
  4. It wasn't difficult at all - it took about an hour to install. Instructions were thorough. I ordered the fender eliminator on a wednesday night & it arrives on friday. I think its one of the more better looking fender eliminator for the ST3

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  5. Thanks for the pictures! What exhaust are those? Are they made for Street Triple or generic ones? Costly?
  6. They're Ixil Exhausts (www.ixil.com). I got them from Screaming Demon (in WA), distributors for ixil. They cost me $950 + $30 delivery to melb. Great service. They have removable baffles (db killers). I believe they are made for the street triple. They produce a great sound & look the goods (imo). They are lighter than the stock cans, however they're not as light as the Arrow dual cans (approx $1500 @ the time I was researching) or the Akrapovics ($2300).
  7. Thanks again for the info.

    They sent me the instructions through email which is very helpful as well.
  8. just ordered & recieved this part from bike monkey for 09 speed triple. perhaps btw the 08 & 09 bikes there r slight differences as modifications are def rq to get this fender eliminator in place for the 2009! its certainly not taking hubby an hr!

    FYI, just in case anyone out there thinks its as easy for 09 - its not but will wk with mods (hopefully as still in progress now!)

    EDIT: all done, just ignore the pictures with instructions, they suck!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps that's why dealer uses the R&G one. Going by today's exchange rate, R&G is $242 shipped from UK or $362 from local distributor. Dealer quoted $450 supply and fitted.