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VIC Fender Eliminator Fine!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dburmas, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I copped a fine from a motobike cop for "Obscuring License Plate" because I had a fender eliminator fitted to my GSXR 600 K7. He said that is was above 45 degrees and took a photo of my bike as evidence.

    I contested the fine saying that the angle wasn't measured (like speeding fines) and I wasn't sitting on the bike at the time of the photo....(My 100kg bod would compress the suspension just a bit I think :) ). I'm gotten the reply that they declined my explaination and that I need to go to court to have the matter heard.

    My plate was probably around 45 degree....but not 60. Is this worth going to court for? (Anyone else gotten this type of fine?) Any suggestions?

  2. What fine and points are they giving you?

    What is the real angle of your number plate?

    What are the actual regulations for the number plate? Do they specify an angle, or just use subjective words, such as "obscure"?

    If you actually have a case, then defend it. Take note though, that I believe there are still laws in place that require a rear fender to come down level to the axle, or something similar. So if you win based on a 45 degree number plate, you may immediately lose based on the fender being too high.

    Do some research.
  3. It was $117 and 3 demerit points.

    Thanks for the link....I'll do some reading.
  4. 222 Affixing number plates
    (1) A registered operator of a registered vehicle must
    ensure that each number plate issued by the
    Corporation for the vehicle is permanently affixed
    to the vehicle so that (assuming the vehicle to be
    on level ground)—
    (a) except as set out in subregulation (3)—
    (i) the number plate is at all times in an
    upright position parallel to the vehicle's
    axles; and
    (ii) the number plate is at all times not
    more than 1⋅3 metres above ground
    level; and
    (iii) in the case of a motor cycle—the centre
    of the number plate is at all times not
    less than 30 centimetres above ground
    level; and
    (b) except as set out in subregulation (3), the
    numbers or letters (or both) on the number
    plate are clearly visible from a distance of
    20 metres from the number plate at any point
    within the space produced by a horizontal arc
    of 90° and a vertical arc of 45°
  5. your government loves you and is doing this in your best interest -- pay up and send them beer money for xmas
  6. :rofl: :rofl: nice! =D>
  7. so hmmm, Technically we could put or number plates 3m up in the air :eek:
  8. i think its a 1.3m not 1-3 m
  9. Have you changed your plate to meet this criteria yet Goz....