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Fender Eliminator and rear hugger - every been pulled up for these?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rybky, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Fender Eliminator and rear hugger - every been pulled up for these? (fitted! Pics on p2)

    My new Z has such great lines and then a big ugly black plastic fender tacked on the back, so thinking of a fender eliminator and hugger.

    However, all the huggers I see clearly don't provide the spray reduction that the fender is legally required to do.

    Has anyone ever got into trouble having these fitted? Also, any issues with insurance?

  2. I've never been pulled up for having a modified rear fender. It really depends on what else you have done to draw attention (in NSW anyway).
  3. I have fender elim and no hugger... haven't had an issue... yet
  4. Thanks Sled, very informative. What is interesting is the section on mudguards:

    "Each mudguard must be at least as wide, over its entire length, as its respective wheel and tyre."

    Well that means my bike (and most bikes) from the factory fails to meet this requirement! The fender I have there is no where near as wide as the tyre on the back. I don't think I have ever seen a bike with a rear guard as wide as the tyre apart from bikes pre-1980!

  5. Yep!!

    Pulled up a few weeks ago, however those who saw my plate position would know why, it could be seen from the rear (= cops, intersection cameras and mobile cameras) but not 45 degrees above (gantry cameras).

    I got spotted by a TMU undercover going pretty quick down a street, they had no reading, and as the cop said;

    "We usually book riders on little stuff like this when we have nothing else to get them on if they are been a smart arse. However you have been cooperative and pleasant to deal with so we are only going to book you for this..."

    To explain that further, he pointed out that my plate has to be seen by 45 degrees at all angles, side to side and above, I failed the above part. I also didn't have a reflector on the back (not the tail light) and my wheel wasn't covered down to 45 degrees from the axle. He pointed all those out but missed the fact I had no number plate light what so ever. He also said the plate has to be at the rear of the motorcycle (mine was close to the pillion pegs).

    His above statement was a contradictory statement, "we book riders for these little things when we have nothing else to get them on if we know they have been playing up and they are been smartarse's"... ok that makes sense. However, he said quite clearly (and I was quite nice and straight forward to them) that I wasn't been a smartarse to them. So why did he book me then??

    He wrote me a 3 point, $189 fine for "obstruction of number plate" which is just that. The normal thing they would usually write that down for is unroadworthy bike, which gets the same points and fine (apparently according to him) but also gets a yellow sticker and a requirement to get the bike inspected at a later date.

    He took a photo with his personal phone wrote the ticket and said I could ride straight home only to fix it, took me about 4-5 days to get around to it... hmmmm. Either way, I made a new one that looks pretty legit.

    I have a plan to reverse this sucker, so lets see how goes... :wink:
  6. Thanks brownyy, good luck with fighting that one. It does sound like they were more concerned with your plate position than anything else, the fender eliminator I am looking at will keep the the plate at the rear just under the light so I should be ok in that respect.

    I will also keep the stock fender so if there is a problem I can always promise to put it back on.

  7. Yeah, I reckon it's the plate position too!
  8. yeah they will pull you up book you if they are running low on their quota for the day....:rolleyes:
  9. I'm guessing your swaping tail lights also.
    Here is a few other PDF files ,see motorcyle check list for blinkers and the distance apart and stuff .

    But every second bike has got some mod that makes it ,not 100% .
    Be it fender eliminator ...LED small blinkers that arn't wide enough ,pipes {every harley}.
    Lowered harleys ,ape hangers....etc etc etc.
  10. I will only be changing the indicators as the tail light is built into the tail already but yeah the indicators that come with the eliminator are going to be much closer together.

    Thanks for the link, it is good to at least know what rules I will be breaking!! ;)

  11. That's the spirit!
  12. My aftermarket blinkers are attached to the number plate bracket. It looks legit, in terms of statutory requirements.

    In response to your Q, no issue with insurance, nor the police. Yet.

    Below: Here's a pic from the NR garage. Since yesterday, it's covered in fine red desert dust.

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  13. yeah driven I had something similar to that on my gpx and was stopped a few times with no questions asked. Tidies up the rear end but still looks fairly factory.

    Definately sounds like its obscure plate position/angle that draws attention.
  14. Thanks for the pic Driven, does look much better.

    Well, eliminator kit and hugger have been ordered, looking forward to getting them fitted and tidying up my rear!

  15. i have a similar set up to driven's. Got mine through ebay and as i didnt want johnny law getting me for no number plate lights i also ordered leds that are built into the screws that hold your plate in place. might be worth looking into.
  16. Thanks, yeah the eliminator kit I got is from eBay and includes an LED plate light as well.

    I have the eliminator kit and hugger now, hopefully will get the time tomorrow morning to fit one or both, if the damn rain holds off.

  17. Cool. Cant wait for the pix.

    Yea, bucketing outside atm.
  18. Hugger and Fender Eliminator kit fitted this morning, just one job left to do and that is to fit the clear lenses for the front indicators (I ordered in the 2009 Z750 ones!), just need to get some amber bulbs before I can do that.

    Ah, I also want to try and stay as legal as possible and will be making up a bracket to mount the reflector just under the rego tube as well.

    Anyway, really happy with the result, before and after pics attached.


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  19. Sorry to bring up an old thread but has anybody had issues with insurance because of a fender eliminator?

    I'm only concerned with insurance covering me but brownyy, you got 3 demerit points for this mod? I thought defects didn't carry demerits :|