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fender eliminater

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I seen a bike the other day with a fender eliminater,

    He had taken the rear guard off and put his number plate long ways down the back,
    I dont think its legal, but it was funny,

    First cop that see's it, its gonna cost him heaps, Hahahahahaha
  2. The side mounted number plates have it long ways top down which apparently some new Victory bikes are coming out stock. Maybe there's a loop hole at present to capitalise on if people feel so inclined to.

    I would have laughed if I saw it the way you described too.
  3. It might be a loop hole,
    But I am sure that the number plate must be visible from behind for X metres, Speed cameras, Etc,
    And you can be booked for obstructed number plates, dirty, unclean, not visible,

    I thought it was a good idea to get around the cops booking people for fender eliminaters,
    But it was very funny when I saw it,
  4. I see plenty of boat trailers being sold new with the plate vertical on the rear of the RH mudguard. Nobody seems too bothered about it, although, AFAIK, the same rules apply to all vehicles and trailers.
  5. Yeah pretty sure that at least in QLD, the laws dictate what angles the plate have to be visible from, height from road etc...but nothing about orientation of the plate.

    Interesting thought...

    EDIT; Nope, I was wrong. Damn. First part of the applicable QLD legislation;

    30 Position, visibility and legibility of number plate

    (1) The registered operator of a vehicle must ensure that each
    number plate issued for a vehicle is permanently attached to
    the vehicle so that, if the vehicle is on level ground—
    (a) the number plate is—
    (i) in an upright position parallel to the vehicle’s
  6. that style of fender eliminator is big over in the USA, obviously different laws to over here,
  7. Hi fellas,
    I don't wanna start a new post so just reviving an old threat.
    I'm looking for a Suzuki GS500 fender eliminator. Any pointers on where to look/get one?
  8. if there is a loophole, lets find it.
    i want to put mine on backwards., or at least upside down.
  9. There is absolutely no loop hole in Victoria, unless the manufacture of your bike prevents you from complying with the regulations. Even then, you have to comply as closely as possible. Otherwise, it has to be where it is when it's sold, pretty much.
  10. Eliminator
  11. Something like this?

  12. Ive seen ones similar, but more under the tail on an angle that you barely see. Ive been defected for a fender eliminator right at the end of the bike, clearly visible just no fender and apparently "dangerous to cars as it can spit up rocks".
  13. That's such a bullshit argument. The requirement is that the guard extend to a point at a 45 degree angle back from the rear axle, measured with a 45kg weight on the seat. Any projectile will have been flung long before it's at risk of hitting a guard meeting that description.
  14. Agree 100%. I rode behind a mate the other day with full stock fender and still copped rocks in the chest and helmet. Not flying at me like bullets but they still hit me.
  15. I bought an after market tyre hugger, so far no problems regarding the fender eliminator.... Touch wood
  16. Avoid the spurs on the weekends, trust me, its the first thing they'll look at.
  17. The safety aspect of fender eliminators is more than just throwing up objects from the roads.
    In wet/dirty conditions, back wheel will cover your back tailight with grime that can render you rear light practically useless...
    Real safety issue in the dark and totally warrents enforcing on bikes for public roads...

    And in fact, previous owner had cut out fender on my bike and I've just gone thru the trouble of fitting one back on....
    Felt totally unsafe knowing that my rear light can't be seen in wet weather at nights...
    Then again, I'm not only a good weather rider...
  18. Oh for christs sake you're such wet blanket, every post you make is about safety this, dont modify that, do you bend the law AT ALL? If you maintain your bike and clean it regularly like i do then the rear light is always visible. And i DO have a fender eliminator.

    Jesus christ you're a goody two shoes. Learn to live a little.
  19. So you have an issue with someone making a comment in regards to genuine safety issues?

    This is a forum, I'll make any comment I see fit and couldn't care less what anyone thinks....
    Better everyone has ALL the facts about mods before they decided what to do..
    Oh by the way, think I've lived a lot more than you have....
  20. Fantastic, you've lived alot more than i have, great. You also rode a GS500F which has to be one of the most ridiculous bikes ive ever seen.

    What facts did you provide? The fact that your tail light can be seen because you have followed the law and fitted a proper fender? Pfft, ever heard of a chamois? If you can spare 3 seconds of your life your brake light will be clean and easy to see for all.

    But considering you rode a GS500 obviously you don't care what your bike looks like.