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Fender blanks in raw steel?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Hey all!

    I'm looking to buy/get made a short 17" fender made in steel for my Bonneville.

    Wondering if anyone knew somebody who could make one, or a supplier who sells blanks?


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  3. Thanks mate - I'll give them a go!
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  5. Are you not man enough to carve one from an iron meteorite with your bare hands?
  6. Vanem sells Daytona blanks in steel and Alu. The ones I got were a bit thin, width wise, not sure if I will use them on the SR as intended, so double check the sizes with Adrian. Bit expense though, and you need to email them as they don't keep the web shop up to date.
  7. Wow, thanks Orb. I'll send Adrian an email then.

    Do you have any up to date pics of your SR500 project?

    iBast, thanks for your help. The Harley ones I've come across tend to be a little wide for my purposes.

    MV. Shuttup.
  8. No decent or interesting photos. Should have taken one of the frame in the boot of my sisters early 90's Ford hatch, that was interesting.

    Carl has the engine, making it a "stage two", should be finished soon.
    Frame is booked in after Xmas to have the rear hooped, alignment checked and everything painted.
    New forks on the way from Mikes XS, along with a few other bits.
    Motolana swingarm and rear sets sitting on the shelf, thinking about grabbing their billet triple tree as well.
    XT500 rear hub and a machined billet front hub from a Japanese company whos name escapes me atm.
    Not sure if I will go 17 or something a little more classic for rims.
    2003? R1 brake calipers and MC. Discs are on the shopping list.
    Koni? Ikon? rear shocks that need a good clean up but are otherwise new - not sure if I will use them.
    Digital Daytona speedo and "Tiny tach" style tacho, other bits are spread across the house.

    Not sure if I want it to look like a 70's TZ or a Matchless G50, will make the seat myself, probably have a custom tank made.

    If anybody is wondering, the bike was free and I never bothered to work out how much this is going to cost me. Probably less the a Deus bike though :woot:
  9. Scratch that, half decent photo of the engine from Carl. Best we got atm.
  10. Holy hell that'll be great!

    What cam/piston combination did you go with mate?
  11. It's one of Carls cams with a Wiseco piston I think, not sure which. End result should produce around 45~50 ponies and be able to cruise on 160kmh all day from memory?
    Recent additions to the shopping list -
    Oil cooler kit
    SV650 calipers (will actually fit with wire spokes. Maybe.)
    And this faring... Not the tank and seat unit though.
    Don't you love tax time :D

    Got your guards yet?