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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. A great product by this name is made in Engand, does anyone bring it out here? Or does any local firm make a copy thereof?
    My Hornet 600 has a stupidly short front fender, and the radiator and the pipes cop a mess in anything other than perfect weather conditions.
    On the subject of engine protection bars, I have ordered a set from www.renntec.co.uk and they should be here in a couple of weeks, I'll post the results when I see them/fit the/RIDE WITH THEM!


  2. hmmm
    just seen this...
    you get them here in Oz from Aust Motorcycle components
    at their site-

    (and they have lots of other goodies for purchasing online :) )
  3. Good stuff, Smitty, that's useful information for the growing band of Hornet 250 owners on the forum.

    I bought mine from the manufacturer, Pyramid Plastics in the UK, and it is very good.

    I should also mention that in my mishap last week the aforementioned Renntec engine bars, which cost me $220 including freight from the UK, saved over $300 worth of damage to the lower engine cases!!!
  4. hey hornet a stunt cage and 12 bar would have done just as good a job :LOL: :cool:
  5. Yeah, Pete, I know, but I looked all over for something similar in the Aussie market, (and I'm sure I asked for advice on this forum), but the Renntec product was all I could find.

    As I said, they have already repaid the investment, so I'm happy......
  6. fair enough. japsports up on the central coast make stuntcages. but i'm not sure the other riders in the NRMA would approve of a stuntcage and 12 bar :p