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Females only dance party - equal rights??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. News Link:

    ...and the Comments from readers which some are worth reading.

    My question is, with all this equal rights stuff, why is this country so sexist?? Men regularly refused entry into a club or where females don't have to pay cover charge? Exclusive gay / les parties, yet even suggesting the idea of exclusive straights only parties / clubs would get a massive public back lashing. To me it seems very one sided in society at the moment. I'm all for getting the damn dykes out of the road (i.e. shoving them into one party), but any mention of males only events or hetrosexual only events cops an absolute beating.

    I thought it was meant to be equal rights?? Example; 31 people apply for a job, 30 are male, 1 female. 30 positions are required to be filled. Female skills wise is ranked 31 out of the 31, i.e. last. By Equal rights the 30 jobs go to 30 top skilled males, leaving 1 female without a job. That by logic is correct and equal, the top 30 skilled people get the job, yet I would bet my bike on it, that either one of two things would happen;

    1) She would get a position, even though someone was higher skilled then herself, just to satisfy 'numbers'.
    2) She would kick up a stink and biatch about equal rights and something from there would happen.

    Equal rights means equal rights, everyone starts from the same start line, not giving females (or males in other industries) a head start by any means.

  2. IF we assume that it is a private venue like a club the managment have the right to refuse entry and ask anyone to leave so why the special ruleing?
    Wonder why they seem so concerned about men attending? Surely the amount of knockbacks you would recive would ensure a not fun night out :grin:
  3. Somewhere in all of these things there's a 'tipping point' and in most of them, we are well past that.

    Causes start out wanting equality, perceiving that a group or person is disadvantaged against the background of his or her peers.

    The problem is, that once equality is gained, usually by legislation or regulation, it doesn't seem as satisfying as it was when it was a long way off. As well, despite equality now being a legal entity, it can always be pointed out that it's not being implemented. So the fight goes on.

    Governments, at great expense, set up anti-discrimination commissions, and people sit at their desks all day waiting for the phone to ring with some cause which they can take up to justify their salaries and their lofty ideals.

    Once you are PAST the tipping point, you then have to manufacture causes and situations to try and achieve the equality which you perceive you still don't have. AND, crucially, you now cease to worry less about discrimination AGAINST you and your number, and you start to find reasons to discriminate against some other person or group.

    This is always couched in terms of 'catch-up', ie, we are making up for years/decades/generations of discrimination against US, so we are entitled to 'claw back' some of the ground by employing active discrimination against our perceived oppressors. The mindset is that although the discrimination of the past has been dealt with by legislation and regulation, I am still suffering, therefore I am entitled to go BEYOND simple anti-discrimination, and demand positive DISCRIMINATION.

    And, any rebellion against this campaign is branded as continuing the discrimination.

    Thus we have female-only bars, when there would be hell to pay if there was even the suggestion of male-only bars. We have female-only gyms, on the same rationale.

    Despite the fact the physiologically and physically aborigine people are the same as white people, we have aboriginal health services, existing right next to prefectly adequate and state of the art medical centres for the 'rest' of the population.

    Australia is no longer an nation of the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'; it's a nation of the 'ares' and the 'are-nots'.

    The tipping point is well past, and in a worst-case scenario, Australians, if they can tear themselves away from a beer and Neighbours, are eventually going to get sick of this nonsense, and take some sort of action. Then, naturally, there will be shrieks of 'we are being discriminated against' and any reply of 'we are just trying to claw back what you have taken' will be lost in a flood of rhetoric and media condemnation.
  4. If they're all les, aren't they more likely to be pestered for sex by the females there?

    Anyway, I think they should be able to choose who they can let in, like any club.
  5. Great post hornet.

    Question for everyone, when will the over-balancing start to be corrected?? Either at the social-norm level of society or at the government level of rules and reg's?? Anytime soon or another 10-20 years away??

  6. And a good thing too..
    Following is a quick lesson in life for the younger members of Netrider who may have never experienced a lesbian dance party..

  7. Welcome to 21st century equality. If your a heterosexual male, things were never equal for you, and theyre even less equal now.
  8. All i have to say
  9. Poofters, communists and darkies get all the breaks.

    This country's going straight to hell, ya know. Straight. To. Hell.
  10. I went to a Garbage & Alanis Morrisette concert back in 1999/2000 !
    Biggest lesbian gathering i've been to.

    Sorry, just had to put it out there ! :grin:
  11. I think hornet has a point.

    sometimes the special interest groups go too far.

    In this case, I am not sure VCAT had to get involved - why not just put an assertive door b!tch on the case? If they can knock people back for having the wrong shoes, surely they can find one who is clever enough to knock people back for having the wrong junk...?

    2up - thank you very much and screw you (respectively) for that image :p
  12. Is this one of the times I should be thanking my IT filter for blocking certain content?? (eg: 2up's image is coming up as a broken link)
  13. Top post Hornet!

    Isn't it funny how those that have been crying "discrimination" for decades and rallying for equal rights, now do the discriminating? Regardles of the reasons cited, as valid as it may seem from their point of view, its still discrimination, same goes for the women only gyms. By the same argument, if "straights" opened a straights only, club, etc., with valid reasons from their point of view why no-one else should be allowed, there will be hell to pay.

    As can be seen in the article, the traditional Gentlemen's clubs are no longer allowed to be men only. I can't understand why a woman would want to be a member of a club that only exists out if its very nature for men? Is it just out of spite? (this is just an example, the same can be said visa-versa)

    Either exclusive clubs/events should be allowed across the board or they shouldn't.

    It just seems that some are more equal than others.
  14. thanking and cursing at the same time.

    50% of the image is awesome.

    the other 50%, not so much.
  15. I have zero issue with girls having their own clubs, gyms etc, cause lets face it, blokes can be dodgy buggers (god bless us). The issue arises when blokes say they want to have a club too so they can carry on like tools, yet are told this is discrimination. It's the double standard that p!sses me off.

    Fkn PC idiots are ruining this country.
  16. The thing with these clubs and women only gyms for example, as long as they are private businesses then I dont care too much. Yes, women only gyms are sexist and obviously exist to cater for thin-skinned individuals who just cant deal with basic human communication skills in a regular gym, but as long as they arent subsidised by tax dollars, I dont care too much.

    Of course, Im guessing they arent subsidised, but I dont really know for sure. I sure hope they arent.
  17. what gets me is when lobbyist proffer average salaries as proof of inequality in the work place.

    The reality is many women never return to work after having children. Many happily return to jobs with low responsibility. Some never have career ambition in the confidence they are one day going to be house wives.

    The result is there will be inequality in pay without even considering that career women will have up 5 years missing from their career development after having children.

    So trying to get woman's average wage to match men's average wage would mean discrimination against men.

    It's mathematics, not inequality
  18. OMG

  19. Theres a guy in the states called Warren Farrell who covers this topic thoroughly and totally destroys this myth about inequality in the workplace. Check out youtube, theres a great interview with him which goes for over an hour I think, and theres also a lecture at an institute. Highly recommended

    The thing is, when you look at total gross income of all men vs all women, men earn more. This is a sign of the responsibility placed on men, not that men are paid more.

    Men are lured into the hardest, long hours, shittiest jobs by more money. Doesnt that seem like women have better choice when it comes to jobs?

    Not to mention, men contribute the most tax dollars, but youll never ever see tax spending distributed on that basis.....
  20. Post of the week with a close second for Hornet.

    The Fernwood thing irritates me for that double standard. If women really feel that they need a single sex gym, that's good. But allow other groups to do as they feel too. You either have equality across the board, or you don't. There can be no exceptions, as once you do that, you now no longer have equality, someone, somewhere is now being discriminated against.

    BTW, the reason for the VCAT ruling is purely as they want to advertise it as such. The sad thing is, there would be a few gay men who would not be pestering the women for sex who'd have a great time too. But divide and rule is the way it seems.